Modi government is the third most-trusted government in the world!!! Reveals World Economic Forum

PM Modi’s effort towards getting a better nation has paid off. It is quite commendable to know that nearly 74% of Indians expressed Confidence in the Modi government.

The Narendra Modi government has completed more than half its tenure and the Prime Minister has been successful in ensuring political stability and providing decisive leadership with bold decisions, which were both acclaimed as well as bitterly criticized over the last three years.

Here’s a fact revealed to shut the mouths of Modi’s haters!!!

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) according to its new world survey has revealed that “Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has emerged as the one of the most- trusted governments in the world, ranking at number three worldwide”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads one of the world’s most trusted governments. Almost three quarters of Indians say they have confidence in their nation’s government” said the World Economic Forum (WEF) while referring to the new report.

The WEF further added that India’s recent “anti-corruption and tax-reform drive could help explain the high levels of confidence in the government.”

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Jagat Prakash Nadda praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, after India ranked third in World Economic Forum’s list of most trusted governments.

“India securing third best place in the list of most trusted governments worldwide is an evidence that the country is treading in the right direction of development under our Hon’ble PM @narendramodi Ji’s leadership,” Nadda wrote on Twitter.

The report reveals that almost three quarters (74 percent) of Indians say they have confidence in their national government.

Factors influencing whether we trust our governments or not include the state of the economy, political upheaval, and headline-grabbing events like major corruption cases.

The countries that have experienced the greatest loss of trust are Chile, Finland, Greece and Slovenia.

Governments must do more to win back their citizens trust, suggests the OECD. They need to start putting more money into public services, and become better at meeting the needs of the entire population, including in healthcare, employment, and education.

The list is topped by Switzerland, followed by Indonesia and India grabs the third position. Isn’t it in deed a proud moment for the Indian Citizens??

OECD had earlier given a report in July, which stated that the PM Modi’s government is the 3rd most trusted one in the entire world; it then had 73% Indians votes in favour of the BJP center.

The so-called secularists and the Congress people who have been spitting poison against PM Modi need to go through this worldwide report once. And then make a conclusion to what extent are they right by talking against his self-less work?

Source: http://zeenews.india.com/india/pm-narendra-modi-led-bharatiya-janata-party-bjp-government-third-most-trusted-government-in-world-report-2058422.html


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