Yet again a massive move by PM!!! Modi Govt cancels licences of 14,000 NGO’s in crackdown on foreign funding

India is now in the hands of PM Modi and India deserves such noble leader as all we know. Except for the leftists, India was in need of new ruler who is enough strong to develop the nation by all means.

You may be heard about Non – profit organisations which are linked to foreign countries. Just google, “NGO’s in India”, you will definitely find the huge number! If you want to know about every NGO, try to connect with them. You will get to know that they are not just serving India, but they are serving religious beliefs over Hinduism. You will definitely get to know that these NGO’s are serving terror activities over India. They have served well in the past government and the Vatican city was so happy about it.

But, when India said, “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” and proved it in 2014, those NGO’s started flickering all over India. Modi government started cancelling every NGO’s, linked with foreign nations, specially designed for conversions, designed to take out financial sectors of India.

And, as per the Times Now report, Modi government has cancelled the foreign funding 14,000 NGO’s in the last four years. This disclosure was made on the floor of the house by the MHA! It is believed that the numbers will shoot up again and the government is about to cancels few more NGO’s.

It is appreciating that Modi government is cracking down on foreign funding NGO’s and as per the figures released by the Modi government in December 2017, the foreign funding of India based NGO’s has declined to one – third compared to 2015- 16.

As per the reports, the total foreign funding Ngo’s has come down to Rs 6,499 crore in 2016-17, from 17,773 crores in 2015-16. And in 2018, Modi government is on the mission of sweeping foreign funding NGO’s.

As per the reports, in the past years, how a sizeable chunk of Indian NGO’s were under the scanner for financial impropriety, which gave their activities a rather shady tone.

This came to light after a 2015 CBI report claimed that, out of about 31 lakh NGOs operating in the country which received their funds from the govt and/or abroad, only a paltry 10% had filed their balance sheet.

On top of it, about Rs 950 crores of the tax-payers’ money, every year was being disbursed to various NGOs, as a result of which the Supreme Court noted that a law to regulate their working and funding would be a welcome step.

The government feels that NGOs had been operating freely without any oversight for years and funds were misused so MHA decided to streamline the whole process and take action against the defaulters, said sources.

It is believed that these foreign funding NGO’s are mainly Christian based NGOs which are been funded in Millions of Dollars by western countries. This is been done as Christianity is declining in the west and the Evangelicals new target is India which is comparatively a weak country with a weak Government.

From last four years, Modi government had an eye on every NGO, especially these foreign funding NGO’s and now, it’s time to sweep them all out of the nation.

Source: op-India, times now

Prithu Agnihotri