Modi Govt’s historic decision to empower women! Women officers in Army will now receive Permanent Commission

In a welcome move by PM Modi Government, Government has decided to grant Permanent commission to women officers in all 10 branches of Army where women are inducted for Short Service Commission, announced Defence Ministry

The branches under which female officers will be granted Permanent Commission includes Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Army Air Defence, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps, Army Ordinance Corps and Intelligence

Apart from this the Government has also opened all non-sea going Branches/Cadre/Specialisation in Navy for induction of women officers through Short Service Commission

Women SSC officers have been made eligible for grant of Permanent Commission in the Naval Armament branch at par with the male officers in addition to education, Law and Naval Constructor branch

Earlier women were inducted only in the Medical Services and that also for less time. Women were allowed to serve under the Army for only 10 years, with an additional 4 years of service allotted only under special circumstances. But now women are currently inducted in the Signals Corps, Engineering Corps,Army Aviation, Army Air Defence, Electronics , Mechanical Engineers, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps

Military Intelligence and many other branches of the Indian Army

By this move of Modi Government women will have access to more branches and will be able to serve their nation for long

This is a historic step taken by PM Modi Government empowering women and also providing them equal status

This is not the first time PM Modi Government has taken decision for the betterment of women. Women’s empowerment and security have always been important for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government.

Few days back only, the Government has taken the decision of inducting women as Jawans in corps of Military Police in the army. This year on Army Day, women led the men’s army detachment for the first time in history, in which 144 men were involved. The lady, Lieutenant Prakash Kasturi, led the contingent of the men.

In another first, a lady officer saluted the guests while leading the army’s ‘Daredevils motorcycle display’ team. Captain Shikha Surabhi led the team of 33 men, the team that is famous for performing stunts.

Opposition only makes huge claims of empowerment of women but has done nothing for it. It is the Modi Government which is empowering women in all fields and giving them a respectful life. In the Government itself  i. e. in the cabinet PM Modi has given leading positions to women.