Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai! Prime Minister Modi is trapping Rahul Gandhi in his own web


The main reasons for which the Indians had opted PM Modi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections was that he would never compromise issues related to national security and secondly, he will uproot corruption. Indians are really happy when it comes to the efforts of PM Modi to curb corruption.

Even in the field of national security, Indians were happy with the government but after the Pulwama attack, the Indians were desperate for revenge. As the wish of the Indians, the Indian Air Force carried out an air strike and killed over 200 terrorists in Balakot terrorist training camps.

Since then the popularity of the already popular Prime Minister skyrocketed. The Modi wave boomed multiple times whenever someone from Congress party mocked the air strike and demanded proof for it.

The Congress leaders were totally trapped when proof for the Balakot air strike was released one after another, at regular interval. When all this was happening, Rahul Gandhi was totally losing his relevance and even the Congress workers started to say disappointingly that Narendra Modi will win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Yet, Rahul Gandhi tried to attack PM Modi along with his abusive social media team. He kept on insulting the Indian armed forces and then resorted to his old weapon of calling Rafale deal a scam and Chowkidar is chor. But as we know that PM Modi is a master in turning bad situations in opportunities, even this turned into an opportunity as #ChowkidarChorHai was turned into #MaiBhiChowkidar

Launching the campaign, PM Narenda Modi said “Your Chowkidar is standing firm & serving the nation. But, I am not alone. Everyone who is fighting corruption, dirt, social evils is a Chowkidar. Everyone working hard for the progress of India is a Chowkidar. Today, every Indian is saying-#MainBhiChowkidar”.

Even before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, political analysts have claimed that PM Modi led BJP will once again cross the majority mark with ease.

Hansika Raj