Modi-haters claim that the viral image of PM Modi’s mother in an auto-rickshaw is photo-shopped! Is it true?

All these ideologies are inspired by Congress. These shameless people who condemn our PM, think that corruption and using power to benefit every near and dear ones are the constitutional rights of a politician. So everyone is meant to do the same. And if there is someone selflessly trying to give everything to the country he becomes shameless? It is because of this mentality and by these kind of people that corruption never ends in this country.

I think Congress and pseudo secular liberals are intellectually incapable to understand and imagine life of a PM without misusing the privileges by position. We cannot blame them because they are used to see PM’s coming from a ‘parivar’ and their coterie misusing their position.

The problem is these people do not understand the concept of dedication and sincerity completely. They do not know Raja Janak, who while being on the throne was Sanyasi in mind. Here’s the Human being who has condemned PM Modi, after seeing his mother travel in an auto!

Narendra Modi is shameless. I will be extremely ashamed if I am travelling around the world, wearing finest dress, earning enough money and my 98-Year-Old mother has to travel like this in Auto

If she travels in expensive cars Modi is shameless and gives his family benefits.. When she travels in an Auto, Modi is shameless? What kind ah policy is this? What are you trying to prove?

Our PM is not financially attached to his family. He does not believe in using his power to help his family nor does his family tries to use his name for their benefit. Four of his brothers can take care of their mother. Going in an Auto, or living in small 1 BHK House shows their humbleness and not demeaning.

The reference point is not about car or auto. People should not enter into politics only for making money like Mulayam,Lalu Yadav , Mayavati and many more. When they came into politics they were poor but all of a sudden have turned to be very rich unlike our PM Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi, they are living a simple and a humble life, serving the nation with all efforts.

PM Modi’s mother’s lifestyle never changed before and after he was the CM of Gujarat for 15 years and even after he became the PM. Some haters won’t understand the meaning of humble living. Hat’s off to his family that follows the same ideologies like him.

Completely Agree … Narendra Modi is Shameless as he couldn’t uplift the lifestyle of his mother / brothers who still live in penury instead he should learn from Sonia Gandhi on how to transfer billions of dollars of defense commission to mother / sister’s account in Italy

Why shameless? In fact, you should be happy he is not wasting India’s money (especially the money meant for public) on his family members. We Indians should be proud that his mother is also an Independent lady at this age. She too respects the principles followed by her son. After all, it is her values that has got him to his position.

Do you think the amount PM Modi earning is enough? Most of his earning goes to charity too. The amount of money that he earns is used effectively and efficiently, not a single penny goes for buying personal assets or property.

In fact so powerful was Sonia that she had her sister’s husband appointed Trade Commissionaire for Italy to India! Naturally, billions flowed to the Italian side of her family in kickbacks! Don’t forget the Dynasty family of Congress is right now the richest among the other politicians. This is shameful and if you literally follow principles in life, revolt against this!

Anti- Modi and the Anti-Indian brigade now claims that these pictures are fake? 

A strong rumour has been propagated now that these images of PM Modi’s mother Heeraben Modi are fake! And these pictures have been photo-shopped in order to gain publicity and sympathy for the PM during the upcoming elections. But unfortunately, these tactics did not work. Indians are much smarter than you traitors can imagine.

Being an honorable PM and a responsible citizen of the country, PM Modi does not need to try these adulterated tactics in order to gain fame and appease his voters. He is widely loved by his people and youth in the country look forward to him as a leader of dreams. Citizens of India love and trust him beyond all boundaries.




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