Modi Magic in Maldives! Here’s why its President chooses India for his first foreign visit

The opposition will definitely experience a heavy trauma after hearing this and when they thinking what’s actually going wrong in their attempts to defame the Prime Minster of India. Yes, you Congress people and the ones at the opposition there, your strategies against PM Narendra Modi is just not enough to put down his image in India or globally.

Modiplomacy has yet again bagged a major victory in his level of maintaining bilateral ties. It is indeed great news for India, the newly elected Maldivian President, Mohamed Solih chose India for his first foreign visit. This shows how the bilateral ties between India and Maldives are witnessing a positive turnaround.

By choosing India among all other nations, to be his first visit the Maldivian President made it clear that India is the ‘closest friend’ of Male (Maldives).

He said, “Maldives and India have been friends since time immemorial. India is our closest neighbor and our people have ties of friendship and cultural affinity and within those close links trade and commerce have flourished. India is not only our closest friend, it is also one of our largest trading partners.”

India also reciprocated to the Maldivian initiative in a very positive manner. Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhu welcomed the visiting head of state and also proposed that the Maldives seeks India’s partnership in addressing Male’s developmental challenges. Prabhu added that Indian government’s flagship projects also have a great potential for Maldives-India partnership. He also assured the visiting dignitaries about India’s commitment towards the Maldives and said, “Yours is a nation consisting of islands but you are not isolated in any way. Please tell us areas of your priorities and the entire might of the Government of India will be with you.”

Expressing his enthusiasm in building ties with India, the Maldivian President made it clear that the archipelago nation is open for business and investment. The fact that he highlighted this aspect of his government on his visit to India goes on to show that the Maldives understands that India can emerge as a big investor in the island nation. Solih added, “We have near perfect capital mobility. In the Maldives, there are no obstacles to foreign ownership of investment.”

It’s been a great journey for India, as it has gained stronger ties among the major nations all over the globe. Well established nations have been putting forward a hand of friendship towards India and all this has been possible only because of the efforts put in by the Modi Government. India has reached a completely different level of height with its bilateral ties and thus welcoming every possible development for the country and its people.

Prime Minister Modi told reporters, “We held successful talks in a cordial atmosphere.” He added, “For Maldives’ social and economic development we are providing a financial assistance of $1.4 billion in the form of budgetary support, currency swap agreements and concessional lines of credit.”

Source: Economic Times