Modi Mania!!! US President Trump walks away from front and stands next to PM Modi

To all those who said that PM Modi’s foreign visit isn’t of any use must read this write up. Nowadays India’s opposition party is so jobless that they have started commenting on Modi suits and shed tears when terrorists are killed. They have thought that Modi is making useless foreign trips like their Rahul Gandhi. So to all of them let me give a glimpse of Modi’s power.

We know that century old party has reached the pathetic situation. But among all these weird characters, there is an amazing person and that is PM Modi. His energy, charisma, oratory and diplomatic skills have spell bound everyone.

Yes, several global leaders have become PM Modi’s fan and among them American President Donald Trump is also one. In the G20 summit, President Donald Trump was interacting with few leaders and he was expected to stand in the front line for a photo shoot. But to everyone’s surprise, Trump went to the second line and stood next to PM Modi.

World recognizes USA as a global power house but that power house is wanting to have a friendly relationship with India. So this is an answer to those who say that PM Modi’s foreign visit is of no use.

Not just this, President Trump had also initiated an impromptu interaction today. Yes, today was the second day of G20 summit.

“In an impromptu interaction at the G20 Summit, POTUS (President of the US) waves to the PM, walks to him, other leaders gather around. Gr8 moments” this is the tweet made by the Niti Ayog vice-chairman Aravind Panagariya. He also called this interaction as some memorable moments just before the second day of the G20 Summit begins”

Why President Donald Trump needs PM Modi?

The United States needs India for many reasons. India is an emerging global superpower. As Indian citizens grow wealthier, they will purchase more high-value goods from U.S businesses. That matters because in 2016, India exported twice as much goods-value to the U.S. as the U.S. exported to India. This will create a huge boost in America’s trade.

China and Russia is getting aggressive in its territorial, economic and military agendas. So USA definitely needs powerful nations with it and the first name that comes to Trump’s mind is Modi’s India.

America needs India, a democratic power in Asia—and soon to be the most populous country with the world’s largest middle class—to succeed. It’s an opportune time for the White House to strengthen this commitment, and to make clear that India’s economic growth and increasing political and strategic influence globally is good for America too.

Nishika Ram