Modi Miracles continue in Udupi! Do you know what PM Modi said when the crowd demanded that they don’t need translator in their local language?

The attempt to paint BJP as a party of Hindi speaking people has failed once again. Today after knowing what has happened in Udupi district of Karnataka state, Indians will agree that BJP has penetrated into every part of the nation.

In a duration of 6 hours, PM Modi had addressed 3 rallies in Karnataka. All these rallies were a mega-hit as it witnessed over a lakh supporters on an average. But what was interesting and surprising was the incident that took place in Udupi.

As usual, PM Modi’s speech was translated into Kannada by the translator. But the people in Udupi demanded that they don’t need a translator but want to hear PM Modi’s speech uninterrupted.

WATCH!!! The crowd in Udupi urged with cheer to listen to PM Modi’s speech uninterrupted in Hindi, without translation in Kannada. Language is clearly no barrier when it comes to people’s love and affection for their leader Shri Narendra Modi

Sabhash, Your love is such, that language cannot act as a barrier between us” responded PM Modi to the people of Udupi. He also reciprocated the love by saying “We will leave no stone unturned to fulfill aspirations of people of Karnataka and ensure all round development of the state”. These kind of events are the rarest of the rare in the Indian politics. Now, BJP is truly a national party and Indian is soon going to be painted as a saffron.

PM Modi had started his speech in Tulu which is a language used in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts. PM Modi even spoke in Kannada; which continued with unending claps and chants “Modi Modi Modi” from the Kannadigas.

At the same rally, he even bashed Rahul Gandhi for insulting the former Prime Minister of India Mr Devegowda by saying “there might be political differences between parties but civility and respect should be maintained. Whenever former PM Deve Gowda Ji visits me in Delhi I always welcome him with respect and always give him time. I meet him at my door and open his car door for him. The way Rahul Gandhi talked about him recently is shameful”. It should be noted that in 2014, Mr Devegowda had announced to leave India if Mr Modi became India’s PM.

Rahul Gandhi was seen attending rallies in Karnataka since last couple of months. But, no where the Congress supporters said that they want to hear Rahul Gandhi uninterrupted. Infact, the Congress leaders at certain constituency were reluctant to invite Rahul Gandhi, thinking that they will lose bitterly considering his track record.

However, Rahul Gandhi continued his rally with unending blunders and at one point he even insulted the national song. This indicates that Rahul Gandhi is not just an outsider to Karnataka but even to the Indian tradition.

The first day of PM Modi’s Karnataka visit has given clear indications that he will easily succeed in increasing the BJP vote share. 113 seats are required for simple majority and BJP is claiming to cross 130 seats. Even PM Modi urged the voters to give a clear mandate so that there will be uninterrupted development in the state.

Hansika Raj