Modi remains invincible!!! If elections were held today, Modi will easily come to power once again

Even after Rahul Gandhi started to read Bhagwad Gita and Upanishad, he is unable to gain the wisdom to tackle PM Modi. This is evident because, if the elections are held today, then PM Modi will emerge as invincible once again. The people have been intolerant towards the Congress led opposition and hence it is proved that “Congress Mukt Bharat” is sure to happen in the 2019 elections.

NDA will Garner 349 seats while Congress will not cross 47 seats!!!

Yes, the Mood of the Nation (MOTN) survey states that if elections are held today, the Modi led BJP will easily win 349 seats. The India Today group-Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation (MOTN) said that Modi’s developmental schemes like demonization and his approach towards Pakistan has been successful to assure the Indians that the nation is safe under his leadership.

While the “youth icon” Rahul Gandhi’s party has continued its flop show. Congress has showed its affection towards anti-nationalists since Modi came to power and Indian citizens have showed that they don’t want a party like this. That is why Congress will not even cross 47 seats if elections were held today.

  • PM Modi government has been successful enough to maintain 300+ seats even after 3 years of being power. So the Congress party’s disruptive politics has been miserably failed.
  • 3 years ago, Indira Gandhi was assumed as the best PM ever as she was leading ahead of Modi with 12 percentage points. But now PM Modi is leading ahead of Indira Gandhi with 16 percentage points more.
  • What is more surprising is that PM Modi is gaining popularity among minority communities. In South India, BJP usually remained out of picture but now it is gaining prominence.
  • PM Modi’s war on black money is considered as the top favourite scheme by the respondents. While 63 percentages of respondents have said that PM Modi’s performance is good or outstanding.

Thumbs down to Rahul Gandhi!!!

The nation has once again dumped the youth icon. The popularity of Rahul Gandhi has taken a 5 percent dip and has reached to 25 percentages. Respondents have also said that someone who is an outsider to Gandhi family can only revive the Congress party. Now this has been a big blow to the dynasty politics played by the Gandhi (Nehru) family.

Nishika Ram