“Modi Tu Achha Hai, Modi Tu Bura Hai”

Wondering what is the headline about?? Well it’s the language most people use to either praise the Prime Minister or criticize him. Yes, PM Modi is a house hold name today, almost 90% of Indian population would refer to Modi while discussing general issues in daily life.

But one thing that is been observed is most people is, they always refer to Modi using singular language. Not just in Hindi, but in almost every other regional language, people are very used to referring him in singular language. It’s not because they don’t like him, most of the hard core supporters also refer to him in a singular language. We may have heard numerous people praising PM Modi in singular language “Ye Modi bada achha Kaam kiya” “Ye Modi bhrasht log ka band baja diya” like wise. Does it sound good?

Most people in our country have great respect towards our Prime Minister and would praise him all day, but yet in a singular language. Although it’s not a crime to use singular language, we should just think what position he holds and how much he is working for the country.

In our Indian culture, from the age of 2-3 yrs we are taught to respect elders, we are taught to show dignity, no matter who he is or what he is….We show respect to enemies as well. In such case can’t we show the slightest respect to a person who has dedicated his entire life for the country? The way PM is working day and night, holding meeting at 2 am in the morning, traveling night to save time, holding unofficial work only on weekends. Probably we have never heard or seen any Prime Minister work like this before! It’s no JOKE…Work 20 hrs a day for 3 days straight and one will know the pain. And PM Modi’s work is not monotonous office work, it’s probably the most complicated, risky, painful job in the world.

He doesn’t sit on a throne made of cushion, but a throne of thorns…!

We should know that Indians are not respected in the world for our bollywood movies or songs, but we are respected for the unique culture and tradition we carry. These cultures of respecting Guru, parents, athiti and every other human being is something which is embedded in our blood. The respect we show to others defines our quality and personality. Even while we donate something to the poor, we don’t call him in a singular language…can we do it to a person of 65 yrs age and is the Prime Minister of the country?

For a very long time, India has seen such politicians who have probably left a bad impression in the minds of people that we tend to show no respect to politicians. We often believe that most people enter politics to make money, which is true. But at times we have to distinguish between good and bad, and cannot paint everyone with same brush.

We should criticize when required, same time have to appreciate those people who really deserve. That is keeps the society healthy!

Aishwarya S