Modi wave still intact! After Assam, BJP clean sweeps Haryana Municipal Corporation polls, wins all 5 mayoral posts

After the recent loss of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chattisgarh the opposition, some political pundits as well as Modi haters are celebrating and saying that Modi wave is over. BJP is not going to win in LokSabha Elections of 2019

But wait before reaching to any conclusion look at the recent wins of BJP in other states. After registering victory in recently held Assam Panchayat Elections Bharatiya Janata Party has emerged as a clear winner in the Haryana Municipal Elections

BJP has won the mayor post in all five cities of Hisar, Karnal, Panipat, Rohtak and Yamunanagar by a huge margin. BJP candidate Avneet won in Panipat against Anshu Pahwa with a whopping 74,940 votes, while thumping a victory in Yamunanagar, Madan Singh emerged victorious against Rakesh Kumar by a majority of 40,678 votes. In Hisar, BJP candidate Gautam Sardana led with 28,091 votes against Congress supported Rekha. BJP’s Renu Bala won against Asha Wadhwa by a margin of 9348 votes in Karnal whereas securing the last seat in Rohtak, Man Mohan won against Sita Ram by a margin of 14,776 votes.

The overall percentage in these elections remained 69.39 per cent with 62.7 per cent voting being recorded in the Municipal Corporation Hisar, 61.8 per cent in Karnal, 62 per cent in Panipat, 62.4 per cent in Rohtak and 65.2 per cent in Yamunanagar.

The municipal elections assume significance as they have been conducted in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha and Assembly polls. Also in these elections the first for the state, the mayors of the five municipal corporations was elected directly. Earlier, the councillors used to elect the mayor. 59 candidates which include 40 men and 19 women, contested the election for the seats of Mayor.

This was also the first time in the electoral history of municipal elections in the country that none of the above (NOTA) option was introduced in the electronic voting machines (EVMs). In another significant move, the Haryana Election Commission had decided to treat ‘none of the above’ or NOTA option as a “fictional candidate” making it a must for winning candidates to secure more votes than those cast for NOTA. The Congress choosed not to fight on party symbol and has extended its support to the Independent candidates, whereas the BJP fought the election on its party symbol.

It clearly indicates that BJP is all set to make strong comeback in 2019 and all those who think of its ouster must know that that it is not possible even in their dreams