Modi Wave strikes TamilNadu! Do you know which political party is all set to join BJP?

In a major breakthrough in TamilNadu Politics, signs have emerged indicating a hint that soon it would be possible to see the ruling party All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) tying the knots with the BJP government at Centre.

Attacking the principal opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) the party made it clear that no one can severe the ties between the AIADMK and the BJP.  The party lauded the BJP and the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and signalled that the parties could function as a “double-barrelled gun” in Indian politics.

Targeting the DMK-led persistent protests over Cauvery imbroglio against the State and the Centre, the AIADMK said “whatever be the number of protests and demonstrations, no one can worsen the ties between the AIADMK and the BJP. ” In its Tamil mouthpiece, it said “Namadhu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma” that implies No one can weaken the bond between “the Central and the State governments”

Pointing out at the interference of DMK, the party said When the Central and State governments were taking harmonious decisions over the Cauvery issue, the DMK was attempting to disturb. It said the protests by the DMK, its allies and friendly parties on the Cauvery issue were only aimed at spoiling the warmth between it and the BJP.

According to Economic Times, The AIADMK mouthpiece also hinted that everything is going quite well between both parties, only a need of roadmap between both parties are needed by their high commands “The signs are (increasingly) becoming visible for the AIADMK and the BJP to work like a double-barrelled gun in Indian politics. The pathway is clear,” while emphasising upon the need for the leadership of the two parties to chart out a roadmap for the purpose.A roadmap for it should be thrashed out by the high commands of both the parties. That is the need of the hour” said the leader

Mocking the DMK for holding protests which did not enjoy the “people’s support,” the AIADMK hit out at its arch-rival for trying to get an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi now on the issue after attempting to show black flags to him recently.

Asking if it was an act of “political civility,” the AIADMK mouthpiece said no other party could indulge in such politics burying its self-respect. The AIADMK said its government allowed protests like black flag demonstrations keeping democratic ethos in mind.

It may be recalled that the AIADMK top leadership has been maintaining that a friendly relationship with the Centre was imperative for the progress of the state through proper financial sanctions and support. The DMK, however, has been unrelenting in its attack saying the ruling party was “subservient,” to the Centre.

Notably, the AIADMK’s assertion comes days after asking the Centre to change its mindset over the Cauvery issue. On April 13, the party’s mouthpiece had said, “Without waiting anymore, it will be good if the Central government changed its mindset and avoided partiality.”

If this was not done, “it will lead to cracks in the unity and integration” (of the nation), it had cautioned. The AIADMK’s assertion assumes significance amid the persistent protests on the Cauvery issue.

The DMK-led Opposition and the pro-Tamil outfits have been holding back-to-back protests including the recent anti-IPL stir on the river water issue and a massive human chain demonstration (by DMK and its allies) has been announced across the state tomorrow.

The ruling party, after holding a day-long fast across Tamil Nadu on the issue earlier this month, has announced rallies between April 25 and 29 in the delta region to press the Centre to implement the Supreme Court verdict on the matter.

Following the February 16 Supreme Court verdict, Tamil Nadu has been insisting that the court’s order to the Centre to formulate a “scheme” referred to the setting up of the CMB and the Cauvery Water Regulatory Committee (CWRC).

The Tamil Nadu government recently moved the top court, seeking contempt action against the Centre for its “failure” to frame the scheme for the constitution of the CMB and the CWRC within six weeks from February 16. The court had on April 9 asked the Centre to frame a draft Cauvery management scheme and file it by May 3 for the implementation of its order on water distribution.

However, Fisheries Minister D. Jayakumar attempted to play down the formation of this alliance. “The State government is maintaining cordial ties with the Central government so that many schemes can be implemented effectively,” the Minister told The Hindu.

As for political ties between the parties, Mr. Jayakumar said now was not the time to talk about such issues. “When the elections are around the corner, the party leadership will take a decision. It is too early to talk about elections and alliances now,” he said.

So it will be very interesting to watch how TamilNadu politics is going to be shaken in the coming days. If AIADMK, BJP and Rajnikanth hold hands no one can challenge the combination and TamilNadu will be witnessing the best ever for the state.










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