Modi wave will shatter Congress!!! BJP will emerge as a biggest party by winning more than 80% seats in Gujarat Assembly Elections

As soon as Ahmed Patel won the Rajya Sabha election, everyone started praising him and said that this strategist will rip apart Modi’s BJP in the upcoming election. But the entire nation had witnessed how Congress used its unethical tricks to push Mr Patel into Rajya Sabha.

Now the ABP News-Lokniti CSDS Survey reveals an entire new story and is sure to big a shock to the Congress party. From last two decades the Congress is craving to occupy the Chief Ministerial throne and it seems like this greed will never be achieved. In the upcoming assembly election that is to be held in Gujarat, the BJP wave will wash out the Congress and other parties; this is what the survey says.

They survey said that BJP will get a whopping victory with around 144-152 seats while the Congress has to satisfy for just 26-32. The strength of the Gujarat assembly is of 182 and it shows that BJP will win more than 80 percent of the seats.

Modi wave still alive, while CM Vijay Rupani’s fame is also on an upward trend!!!

Recently, there were efforts to show that GST is being rejected by the traders of Gujarat; this was further hyped by organising large scale protests across the state. But the ABP News- CSDS Lokniti survey says that Modi’s charisma is increasing. 59 percent respondents supported for BJP while only 29 percent of the respondents opted for Congress. So, the Congress is losing its hold on Gujarat day by day.

Dalits and Muslims are supporting BJP!!!

Till date, the only point the opposition is blaming on Modi is that he is responsible for the Godhra riots even though the court has given him clean chit. While Modi’s rivals are spewing venom in the name of religion by highlighting the Godhra violence, the Muslims are slowly and steadily favouring the BJP. This indicates that the BJP gas been successful in gaining the trust of the minorities.

Even the Dalits and Kshatriyas too have embraced BJP. It is also apparent that the Patel agitation-that was led by a leader who had more of political intentions than to uplift his community-has failed to dent the BJP vote base and this is proved in the survey as every 3 out of 4 Patels have supported BJP.

The present CM Vijay Rupani is all set to become the CM again after the elections. Yes, 24 percent respondents wanted to see him as their CM again whereas 7 percent wanted PM Modi back to Gujarat politics. Rest 2 percent wanted party President Amit Shah to be the CM while 43 percent didn’t take any name. This indicates that there is no popular figure from the Congress that can lead the state.


Nishika Ram