Modi Will Make ‘Pakistan Bleed’ Without Noise!

Since last week there has been lot of emotions running with regard to the mutilation of our soldiers. We saw many people demanding immediate retaliation, to declare war on Pakistan, to curb media, separatists playing in the hands of Pakistan. But not many know the action against Pakistan is being planned since year, it’s not a mere fully fledged war game but a powerful ploy that will finish Pakistan forever.

There is saying “If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children “ But don’t expect any plans on Pakistan to be announced on news channels or social media like the previous government. Yes, Indians are used to debating every small or big issue on news to the level of saturation. But this strategic issues are not the ones to be discussed on media.

You can see the result only. The First WIN is getting Russia cancel the Joint Military Operation with Pakistan in PoK. And on Indian request Russia will not supply MIG-35 to Pakistan.

Some may feel it’s not big a deal. But unless you know how this will affect Pakistan you cannot analyse the impact. Russia is the second most powerful country in terms of military. There support to our enemy would have posed serious threat in dealing with Pakistan which now has been averted.

How India Will Play The Game…

Presently the countries which are supporting India are US, UK, Russia, France, Japan, Vietnam, Israel, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia. YES Saudi is supporting India (Now we understand what Modi was doing in Saudi). These countries are completely against Pakistan and China. So India has gained the support of most powerful countries of the world and have promised to isolate Pakistan internationally.

There has been a pact made by India, Iran and Afghanistan on the Chahabar Port which is situated in the Persian Gulf, this was specifically done to bypass all trade and transport which goes through Pakistan. Although the project was started in 2003 during Vajpayee government, to tackle the Pakistan-China joint venture Gwadar port situated just 72km from Chahabar port the UPA showed no interest to take this forward. This pact is costed Pakistan huge economic loss.

Afghanistan has promised India to provide BASE to military operation if India strikes WAR against Pakistan. So we can engulf Pakistan from all sides.

If at all China supports Pakistan against India, it will be the biggest mistake as Japan, Vietnam and Saudi will stand by India. And definitely US will protest against China as they are looking to curb China’s growth in East-Asia.

Indian media may not have shown this, but Pakistani strategists and policy makers have said Modi will Destroy Pakistan without War! And yes it is true, Modi is not for war, but he will make Pakistan Bleed without making Noise! There may be retaliations and surgical strikes but not WAR. Once Pakistan is economically and financially weak, WAR will be far more risk to handle, which is when India plans to take back what belongs to us!

War is no game, any country’s economy will be hit during war, and same people will blame Modi if prices go up after War!

Remember Modi is not looking for temporary gain and transient solution, but for a PERMANENT SOLUTION!

– Mahesh Vikram Hegde