Modi’s Masterstroke!!! With the help of Rahul Gandhi’s relative, PM Modi totally exposes Rahul Gandhi

The man who dared to expose this dynasty politics was none other than Shehzad Poonawalla, leader of Maharashtra Congress.

It will be a waste of resource if one uses time and energy to defeat the opponent who is already perishing because of lack of morality and sportsman spirit. The same is the case of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress which has followed the path of self-destruction.

After the explosive tapes related to Rahul Gandhi got exposed, it became apparent that no one can become the President of Congress party other than the Gandhis. The man who dared to expose this dynasty politics was none other than Shehzad Poonawalla, leader of Maharashtra Congress.

Shehzad Poonawalla is the cousin of Robert Vadra (allegedly carried out land scams). He had said that the party election is rigged in favor of Rahul Gandhi and even presented several shreds of evidence.

PM Modi congratulates the man who dared to expose this!!!

“A youngster Shehzad has exposed the rigging that is taking place in the Congress President Poll. And Shehzad is a senior Congress leader in Maharashtra. Congress has tried to muzzle his voice and wants to even remove him from their social media groups. What tolerance is this: PM”.

No internal democracy in Congress party!!!

“Those who have no internal democracy can’t work for people. I want to tell this youngster Shehzad- you have done a brave thing but this is sadly what has always happened in the Congress: PM”.

Not just democracy but even ‘Free Speech’ was curbed by Congress!!!

“It was the Congress which made the nation a prison. Media had to ask Indira Ji before publishing something. So, what the youngster Shehzad is saying is not unusual it is the Congress culture: PM”.

This is how PM Modi bashed the intolerance towards eligible leaders which in prevailing in Congress

The life of Shehzad- the man who raged war against dynasty- is under threat?

Kailash Wagh expressed such fear as Shehzad Poonmawalla was being removed from several WhatsApp groups of Congress party. “Is there a real threat to Shehzad life? Will he be able to sustain his campaign against dynasty slaves? ”

Many brave youths like Shehzad will emerge and destroy Dynasty politics!!!

“Beg to disagree in calling a Shehzad from Maharashtra as a Sr Cong Leader. Well, I admit, that a Shehzad standing against a Dynast Shehzada, needs a pat on his back. Watch many a Shehzads popping their Heads against Crowning d Head of Cong Pariwar Shehzada”, this is how a Twitterati predicted the future.

Why is NDTV silent on this? If the same incident happened in BJP, then guess what would have happened!!!

“Surprisingly, news channels aren’t picking this up with same gusto, they were lapping up Yashwant and Shtru Sinha’s nonsense. Even the tape seems to have no takers”, a twitterati expressed his anger as the mainstream media went silent on this issue.

Whereas, few political analysts said that Shehzad Poonawalla is executing a drama which is scripted by Congress!!!

Shehzad is the cousin of Robert Vadra and in the past, he was seen issuing derogatory statements against Hindus and their practices. All of a sudden, he has changed his stance and is bashing the dynasty politics followed by the Gandhis. This has given rise to speculations that this might be a conspiracy to divert people’s attention.


Hansika Raj