Mohammed Shami confronts Pakistani fans who started abusing Virat Kohli after loss!

Mohammadi Shami is one man who has bravely spoken against trolls and Paki sympathizers many times before. He has stood for his country unlike many others who sympathize Pakistan sitting in India.

This time also he has come strongly against few shameless Pakistani fans who started to mock Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli after they lost the match yesterday. While the Indian team was returning back to the pavilion, some Pakistani fans started abusing India and called Indian cricket team with names.

A man was heard saying to Kohli “Toot gayi teri akkad” and further went on to mock the players by repeatedly asking “baap kaun hai.”

This triggered Mohammed Shami who immediately confronted the man. By then Dhoni came to him and took him away. But the Pakistani fans continued to talk nonsense and started to make taunting noise.

Winners should always be humble but in case of Pakistan, they have always shown their cheap attitude by speaking filth and abusing players and supporters if at all they win any game. One can remember how Pakistani hockey players behaved after they won match against India in the Champions trophy. This caused great disgrace to the Pakistan team for behaving like goons and not showing grace in a game. So their mentality is just as good as any goon or rowdies.

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This time also it was no different!


Aishwarya S