Mohan Bhagwat shocks the Communist government in Kerala!!! Finally hoists the tricolour on Independence Day

On Independence Day, RSS chief Mohan Bhagavat hoisted the tri-color at a school in Kerala’s Palakkad district. But, the tragedy is District Administration banned him from doing it.

Mary Kutty, Palakkad District Collector has directed the police to register a case against the head master of Karnakiamman Higher Secondary School, did the right thing by flouting the District Administration’s warning. The case against Mohan Bhagvath has not confirmed yet.

On Monday, Mary Kutty had restrained the school from allowing Bhagwat to hoist the flag, saying it was not proper for a political leader to hoist the national flag in a government-aided school.

Is this fair?

The chief of Rashtriya Sway Sevak Sangh being ordered not to hoist the flag in his own nation! Moreover, he is a citizen of India and entire India knows that ‘He is the real patriot”.

The sick thing is Mary Kutti’s statement on this order. Might be, she was being pressured by Political Leaders of Kerala. But, is this fair to stop a citizen from hoisting his Nation’s flag on Independence day? Better say, those seculars who are supporting Pakistan doesn’t worth that honor of hoisting, but not Mohan Bhagvath.

Congress and CPM leaders are known for their Corrupted Administration and each of them behaves like they are Spy of Pakistan and China. Since our independence, they kept questioning the dignity of Hindu leaders and their patience. Those leaders must be kicked out from the country, but not the ‘True patriot.”

Where’re our Rights?

People who shout about Human Rights in the media if Congress leader being teased by BJP leaders are silent today. Why? Don’t they have the courage to ask justice from Congress or these CPM motivated activists?

The leaders of the Congress and CPM opposes Vande Mataram, Hindu Scriptures, Independence day of India, but not Pakistan or Chinas days, but not Quran.

We should think who had to stop from flag hoisting. Mohan Bhagvath or Seculars?