Moments after PM Modi assassination plot gets exposed, Hafiz Saeed’s top aides says “PM Modi will be killed, India will disintegrate very soon”!

Since two day, the entire Nation is shocked to know the dirty games of Maoists and Congress party who have joined together to destroy the country for their political future. The information on  Maoists who sponsored the Bhima Koregaon violence plotting an assassination attempt on PM Modi came to light today when the police submitted documents and letters of communication between Maoists activists quoting the plan to eliminate PM Modi to the court.

The letter which was apparently addressed to Comrade Prakash (Likely Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of Dr BR Ambedkar) by a Maoist says that they are working on serious plans to eliminate PM Modi and bring an end to Modi Raj. They have said a man called Comrade Kisan and few senior members have suggested the assassination of PM Modi just like the way Rajiv Gandhi was killed. They go on to say that attacking PM Modi during one of his road shows would be effective. 

They express concern that PM Modi was successful in winning 15 states and establishing BJP rule and if this pace continues, their survival will be endangered. He also reveals that their main agenda is to defeat Hindus and Modi lead Fascist Hindu regime for which they are working to consolidate like minded organisation, political parties and minority heads. But shockingly the letter says they require Rs 8 crores to purchase M4 assault rifles with 400000 rounds capacity.

Just moments after the chilling assassination plot was revealed, most wanted terrorist Hazif Saeed’s top aide has also given a statement saying that “Modi will be killed and India will disintegrate very soon.” Maulana Bashir Ahmad Khaki, a senior JuD functionary made this statement while addressing the Friday sermon for Ramzan celebration in Rawalakot city of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’s (PoK’s) Poonch district where he gave an open call to assassinate PM Modi.

In his speech, Maulana Bashir said “Flag of Islam will be hosted in India and America. (PM) Modi will be killed. India and Israel will get disintegrated as more and more martyrs will be produced.” 

He further instigated the listeners to wage Jihad (holy war) during the holy month of Ramzan.

“Ramadan is the pious month of ‘Jihad-o-Qital’ (Jihad and killing). Those who attain martyrdom while waging Jihad, doors of heaven remain open

“JuD cadres are still waging Jihad in Kashmir and fighting with Indian forces in Kashmir. They are waging Jihad for freedom of Kashmir and destruction of India. Urged participants to raise the flag of ‘Jihad’ against infidels,” he said while requested the people in PoK to allow their sons to join for Jihad.

“I Appeal participants to donate generously (wheat, ration and cash) during the month of ‘Ramadan’ to JuD and for ‘Mujahideen’ waging Jihad. I also urge women to donate their sons and cash for ‘Mujahideen’ who were waging ‘Jihad’ in Kashmir,” he added. Zee News

This is heights of brazenness displayed by both Jihadis and Maoists. There seems to be no different from each other. One is raging war against PM Modi and India in the name of liberalism and the other is raging war in the name of Islam. And the grand old party political party is funding these criminals to destroy India in the name of caste politics.

While PM Modi is struggling to make India world leader, on the other hand, these criminals are planning to assassinate him for their political benefits. They want to eliminate Hindus, they want to attack our soldiers and kill our Prime Minister…..and these are the people who call themselves seculars and liberals of our country.

Prakash Ambedkar has disgraced his grandfather’s name by joining hands with terror elements. While Babasaheb Ambedkar spent his entire life writing a constitution for this country, his grandson is all set to destroy that constitution by helping terrorists and Maoists.

They should feel ashamed of themselves for backstabbing their own country and turning slaves to foreign agencies trying to destabilize India.

Let people decide whether they will encourage such people to destroy our country or show them their places in jail!


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