The money given previously all spent on ‘Samosa’, now we need more money, Kejriwal seeks more donations for MCD elections!

Just few months back before the Punjab and Goa elections, the Aam Aadmi party chief Arvind Kejriwal had requested money from common people to fight elections. He said the party did not have enough funds and wanted money from common people.

The AAP lost elections both in Goa and Punjab. The party which claimed to win 2/3rd majority lost their deposit and faced humiliation. The party went on to blame the EVM’s for their loss and claimed that BJP tampered the EVM’s. The worst part was they even blamed the Election Commission and compared them to Dritharashtra of the Mahabharat.

Just after the humiliating loss in Punjab and Goa, many scams and illegal money laundering scandals hit the AAP. It was said that Kejriwal had diverted all the funds of Delhi to form an illegal SPY agency which apparently was given the task of spying on many journalists, officers and MLA’s who spoke against Kejriwal. This agency was given money from Delhi government without the approval of the Lt. Governor.

In another scandal that rocked Kejriwal party, the CAG had exposed that Kejriwal had used Delhi government’s money for running campaigns for Punjab elections. The CAG nailed Kejriwal showing documents that he had misused 97 crores of tax payer’s money for publicity and social media campaigns in Punjab. The Lt. Governor immediately had issued notice to Kejriwal to refund the money.

Now with MCD polls just in the corner, the AAP has again put out videos shamelessly seeking funds for the party. This time the Delhi Dy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia has posted a video on his twitter account seeking donations for the party for MCD elections.

He has claimed that they do not have money and required funds for the party. He has said that they will win bring development with the money and help the people of Delhi.

The funny part is this is the same party which refused to give details about the donations to the Income Tax department and when questioned they had closed their website hiding all information about donations.

Looks like they just want to create an illusion that they are getting huge money from people, while the AAP is diverting all Delhi funds to fight elections.


Aishwarya S