Our morale is not so fragile that a statement from a non entity like Farooq Abdullah can shatter it. We are made of Iron, not glass

Former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah has always spoken in favour of the separatists & fanatics in Kashmir. He has never appreciated the army for their sacrifices & unparalleled efforts in the valley. Abdullah said that the Kupwara attack was aimed to spread hatred against Muslims. The central Government in its response has asked Abdullah to refrain from making such statements that lower the morale of the armed forces.

Hitting out at Abdullah, Jammu MP & MOS, Jitendra Singh told media that there is a selective clan which indulges in selective condemnation of violent incidents and raise a hue and cry on such acts, but when a soldier attains martyrdom they ignore the supreme sacrifices. Abdullah had earlier said that the attacks in Sukma, Chhattisgarh & Kupwara were only being highlighted to increase the hatred against Muslims.

He said that new tricks were being played & the attack was not on a particular sect but all of them. Abdullah also criticised the internet ban in the valley. Abdullah has always supported “Talks with Paikstan.” He claims that he had urged the government not to take such measures & the situation would not improve by trying to suppress the voice of people.

Major Gaurav Arya has given an apt reply to Abdullah on twitter. Major Arya has time & again expressed the dual standards of the separatists, the fanatics & the useless leaders trying to incite hate in the name of ‘Azaadi.’ He said that the Indian Army’s morale has always been high & it would never be affected by the opinion of a non-entity like Farooq Abdullah. “We are made of Iron not glass,” he tweeted.

Major Arya’s reply is a reminder to Abdullah’s irrelevant league that the armed forces will always do their job & guarding the nation is the army’s first and foremost priority.

Alok Shetty


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