More trouble for ‘break India gang’, Modi government launches online analytical tool to monitor foreign contributions to NGOs under FCRA!

The foreign funded NGO’s in India have become the biggest security threat to our country. It was during 2000, mass establishment of NGOs took place in India. Many NGOs were started with ill intention to pump in foreign funds which were largely used for anti National activities, conversion and political movements supporting few selected parties.

It was the biggest source of income for many organisations which played huge role in supporting Separatists, stone pelters in Kashmir in the name of Human rights, massive funds were being supplied to naxal dominated areas in Chattisgarh, Manipur, Assam  to help them rage war against India. These NGOs with the support of few political parties obstructed every developmental projects, industries, construction of dams & canals in rural areas. The money was being used to set a narrative against the idea of India and particularly targeted the right wing organizations in the country maligning them as communal and anti minorities. The Congress which was in power for 10 years gave free hand to these foreign funded NGOs which literally took India for a ride.

But when Modi government came to power in 2014, they launched a crack down on all illegal NGOs which had violated rules and regulations. The investigations revealed that thousands of NGOs had violated the FCRA norms and had failed to file income tax returns for decades.

In December 2016, the Home Ministry had cancelled licence of 20,000 NGOs. There were around 33,000 NGOs registered under the FCRA license, among which 20,000 NGOs were receiving huge amount of foreign funds and had violated FCRA norms. In 2014, an Intelligence Bureau report had suggested that the negative impact of these NGOs on Indian economy is around 2-3 % of the GDP. The Home Ministry had demanded the NGOs to submit their source of income, expenses and bank transactions, but many NGOs failed to produce any documents of their source after which the Home Ministry cancelled their licenses and seized their bank accounts. As a result over 66% of the foreign funding had dropped which was a massive set back for many anti National groups.

Some of the most prominent institutes like JNU, Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust, Amnesty International’s Indian arm, Tessta Setalvad’s NGOs all faced massive crackdown for violating FCRA norms. It is said that Rajiv Gandhi Charitable trust received huge donations from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Public Health Foundation of India. But there was accusations that the trust money was being misused for politics and many unnamed activities which had raised suspicions.

Very recently, the Teesta Setalvad’s NGOs Sabrang Communication and Publishing Pvt Limited lost licenses on charges that Teesta Setalvad and her husband misused Rs 1.4 crore NGO money meant for riot victims for her personal use.

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But now, the Home Ministry has gone a step further to launch Online Analytical Tool to monitor the foreign funded organisations more closely. The PIB said that Online Analytical Tool will facilitate closer monitoring of the flow and utilisation of foreign contributions received by various organisations registered or permitted under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010.  This web-based tool enables decision-makers in various Departments of Government to scrutinize source of foreign funds and their actual use in India. 

It tool will be data-driven and officials can take evidence-based decisions regarding the compliance of the provisions of the FCRA, 2010.  It has analytical features to conduct big data mining and data exploration.  Its dashboard will be integrated with the bank accounts of the FCRA-registered entities through the Public Financial Management System for updation of transactional data on a real-time basis.

So, now the crackdown against FCRA violations has become more stringent and the online tool will minimize the human interference and misuse which will further make the process transparent. This is definitely a very big step by the government in cracking down those vested interest groups who in the name of NGOs and trusts are working against India, supporting terrorists, naxals and Maoists.

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