Morning Congress asks for ‘No Confidence Motion’ against Modi government, afternoon they want it deferred, has Congress fallen in their own trap?!

Seems like Congress has become desperate to target Modi government to keep themselves relevant in Politics. Especially with Rahul Gandhi failing in every front and creating more trouble for Congress, Sonia Gandhi had to step in to divert the attention.

Just few days back, Rahul Gandhi created a massive controversy and scored self-goal giving a statement to Urdu Daily that Congress was a party for Muslims. This statement of his has dented their image significantly which he will probably realise during elections. In order to downplay the controversy, the Congress made every attempt trying to prove that Rahul Gandhi never made the statement. However, seems they were running out of luck as the editor of the Urdu Daily himself confirmed that he has only written what Rahul Gandhi said.

The Congress very well knew that this particular issue will be raised in the Monsoon session of the Parliament which started couple days back. In order to divert the attention and prevent the issue from getting publicized, Sonia Gandhi herself has stepped in and gave a notification to the speaker for No Confidence Motion (NCM) against Modi government. The Congress predicted that the speaker would not accept the motion which will give them an opportunity to create a ruckus in the house. But their entire plan turned upside down the moment Lok Sabha speaker accepted the motion and called for a debate on Friday.

Just minutes after the debate was fixed, the Congress wanted the No Confidence Motion deferred and debate to be postponed. This was a classic masterstroke from ruling party. The Congress very well knows that they do not have the numbers to bring down the Modi government with No Confidence Motion, but they simply wanted to create a dramatic situation moving NCM. But the Modi government was cleaver enough to turn the Congress strategy against them and accepted the NCM challenging the opposition to prove their support. Already many of the so called allies of the Congress have distanced themselves from the NCM and only 3 parties have expressed support.

This will not only give opportunity to Modi to prove the loop holes in opposition and expose their hypocrisy, but surely Modi will use the stage to hit more sixes against the opposition. His earlier speeches in Lok Sabha have indeed proved how he leaves no stone untouched to expose Congress and make them run for cover. So, the Congress is now all worried that they gave PM Modi a perfect opportunity to get targeted.

Surely PM Modi will highlight Rahul Gandhi’s statement of Muslim Party which will further dent their prospects and rack up the issue of Hindu Pakistan in the Lok Sabha. The Congress supporters have already slipped into jittery after the ruling party has accepted the debate.

The next Modi speech will be surely interesting as people are eager to know how he would demolish Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s strategy.

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