Morning I stepped out to pick up the morning newspapers, In an unmarked envelope I found a set of documents: Subramanian Swamy!

"The documents are a nuclear bomb" says Ishkaran Bhandari ‏

Dr Subramanian Swamy is one person who will never stop will his anti corruption fight. Be with support, or without he has continued his fight exposing the crooks and criminals from decades. Politicians may not fear CBI, ED or IT departments, but surely will fear Subramanian Swamy.

He was the person who filed the 2G case, Aircel Maxis Case, Sasikala disproportionate asset case and the National herald case. In all cases he has attacked the most powerful families in India right from North to South. National Herald case is one such high profiled case in which he is targeting the Gandhi family which has become nightmare for Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Infact they are currently on bail and are accused in misappropriation of funds of the National Herald newspaper.

The case was built on the fact that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had diverted the funds of National Herald to form a company called Young India in which both Gandhis were the trustees. Thy land given for National Herald was acquired by the Gandhis and was given for rent for Rs 60 lakh per month. The land allotted for the National Herald newspaper belonged to the public charitable trust which cannot be used for any other purpose. But the mother and son diverted all the money into their company called Young India which was a breach of trust.

The High court, last year directed the Income Tax department to probe the matter of misappropriation of funds and rejected the Gandhi’s plea to put a stay on the case. Subramanian Swamy had demanded the arrest of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi based on the prima facie evidence, for which the court agreed. But later the Gandhi’s applied for bail assuring that they will not intimidate any one regarding the case or try to destroy evidences. A conditional bail was granted for the duo.

But now, Dr Swamy has again tweeted something very interesting which would have shaken the Gandhis to the core.

Take a look!

He said that he has received some documents and evidence today morning in an unnamed envelop which will speed up the process of National Herald case. His colleague, Ishkaran Bhandari who is also leading the National Herald case said that the documents indeed are a NUCLEAR BOMB!

Looking at the tweets most of the Congress and their media friends have gone into panic mode. Dr Swamy and Ishkaran Bhandari said they will submit the documents in court and hinted at a big development tomorrow.

All the social media activists are now waiting to see what exactly are those documents which have made Congress lose their calmness. If Dr Swamy could nail the Gandhi’s in the National Hearld case, it will be something not just historic but a service to the Nation by jailing the corrupt family which has looted India for decades.

Aishwarya S


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