MOSSAD, the deadliest secret agency of Israel entered Syria and destroyed its nuclear reactor by bombing

There was a massive train explosion in Northern North Korea in April 22, 2004. The explosion was so powerful that it registered a magnitude of 3.6 which was equal to that of a small earthquake. This explosion killed several people and destroyed a town of ten thousand people. 2000 people were wounded after the explosion. Before the world could know what happened, the news agencies were forbidden from reporting this incident. After a week, the regime banned the use of cell phone for 5 years. The North Korean government said that the train was carrying a liquified petroleum. But there was something suspicious.

This was keenly monitored by the Israeli secret service Mossad. They started to track this incident.

The strange event:

What was surprising is that after few days a Syrian air craft lands in North Korea. Many would think that it landed to provide aid but what was shocking is that it landed to carry the dead bodies of the victims of the accident in the coffins. Twelve bodies were transferred and the men who carried the bodies wore nuclear reactor suite. Now this is something to be bothered. Yes, the dead bodies were of Syrian scientists who were from a branch of covert government organization of Syria. Now is North Korea helping Syria to build nuclear reactor?

Two years later:

In a bar a Syrian nuclear scientist checked in. He was having a drink and he noticed a beautiful lady who entered the bar.  He gets impressed and approached the girl and a good conversation began between them. The Syrian thought that he was going to have a wonderful night with the lady. What he didn’t know was that it was a trap. The lady was from Mossad and her mission was to engage him in talk as long as possible meanwhile her other agents will enter his room as gather whatever information possible.

Mossad was specialized in breaking any kind of door locks in few seconds. They easily entered the Syrian’s room while he was busy flirting with the lady. And the Mossad had a jackpot as they found a laptop which was unprotected. They rapidly transferred all the informations and left the room. Once the lady got the indication that the work was done, she abandoned the Syrian and left the bar.

Without wasting time, the Mossad began to analyse all the secret data collected from the laptop. But they found something unusual. There were few pictures of a under construction building. After seeing various pictures, Mossad confirmed that it was of a nuclear reactor. What shocked them again was, the reactor was an exact replica of a North Korean rector and this was being built in Syria. So if Syria develops a reactor then it’s a huge threat to Israel.

So Israel with the help of satellites started to track where the nuclear reactor was being built. After severe secretive investigation they found the exact location and it matched with the pictures found in the laptop of the Syrian officer. The location of was a desert area in Syria.

The head of Mossad met Israeli Prime Minister and informed him that Syria is in an advanced stage of building a nuclear reactor. The Prime Minister realised the threat it will pose to Israel. So the only solution was destruction of the reactor.

Destruction was not easy because the pictures found in the laptop have now been fifteen months old and now the reactor would have been far more advanced. So if it is destroyed, then it will pose serious environmental pollution.

The only way left was to send someone inside Syria to have a close look at it. But it was extremely risky.

One special force was specialised in entering several miles into enemy territory and it was Israel’s General Staff Reconnaissance Unit. So the task was handed over to them

On a summer night a group of selected commandos were opted for this mission. Israeli special force was able to get down from aircraft around one kilo meter of this mysterious building in the north eastern Syria. Their task was to collect the water and soil sample of the area around the Syrian reactor.

It was confirmed that it was a nuclear reactor and Israel decided to destroy it.

The act of valour:

Just before midnight on September 5, 2007, four F-15s and four F-16s took off from Israeli Air Force bases, including Ramat David, southeast of Haifa. After flying north along the Mediterranean Coast, the planes turned east and followed the Syrian-Turkish border, to avoid detection by radar. Using standard electronic scrambling tools, the Israelis blinded Syria’s air-defense system. In Tel Aviv, in a room of the underground I.A.F. command-and-control center known as “the pit,” Olmert, Barak, Livni, and senior security officials followed the planes by radar. The room would serve as a bunker for Olmert in the event that the strike sparked a war; the Israelis had also prepared a military contingency plan.

Sometime between 12:40 and 12:53 a.m., the pilots uttered the computer-generated code word of the day, “Arizona,” indicating that seventeen tons of explosives had been dropped on their target. “There was a sense of elation,” one participant recalled. “The reactor was destroyed and we did not lose a pilot.”

The next day, the Syrian Arab News Agency announced that Israeli planes had entered Syrian airspace but had been repelled: “Air-defense units confronted them and forced them to leave after they dropped some ammunition in deserted areas without causing any human or material damage.” The Israelis say that not a single Syrian air-defense missile was launched. At least ten, and perhaps as many as three dozen, workers were killed in the strike.

Nishika Ram