Mother of all Scams! Robert Vadra had grabbed a land that was given by poor farmers to Govt to make a military range for the Indian forces

The brother-in-law of Rahul Gandhi would have become India’s richest scamster, but thanks to PM Modi who stopped Robert Vadra’s good days by becoming ousting the Congress in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Since last week the Enforcement Directorate is grilling Robert Vadra on a daily basis for hours.

In a sensational news break by Republic TV, it was revealed that Robert Vadra had managed to snatch the land of poor farmers who had given it to the government for the usage of a military

range for the Indian forces. The report stated “The plots of land in Bikaner district Gajner and Kolayat were snatched from the patriots who had given it to the government to make a military range for the Indian forces. The lands were grabbed by the corrupt through a careful modus operandi through the use of forged papers and benami transactions through the involvement of local tehsildars and patiwars”.

The investigation further exposed how Vadra made use of his nexus and used forged documents to allot the land to benami persons. The report stated “Forged papers were used to allot the plot to a non-existent person. The plot was then allotted through power of attorney to others who sold it to the driver of Robert Vadra’s aide, Mahesh Naggar. Naggar then sold it to Skylight Hospitality for Rs 30 lakhs”.

Pertaining to this scam, the police had filed two chargesheets in 2017 in Kolayat and 16 FIRS were registered in Gajner. Gurmel Singh who is the SHO of, Gajner threw the light of Robert Vadra’s method of executing economical offences. He said “People of 34 villages were moved to an area nearby and were allotted land accordingly. The details (size and value) of the property of every land-owner were drafted. At that time, some fake profiles were created, accordingly allotting them land nearby. Since the profiles weren’t real, for example, a namesake Ramlal didn’t exist but, he was still allotted a piece of land using fake signatures. Further, the said ‘Ramlal’ and other fake entities sold the land to Vadra”.

Even the land which was allotted to the Indian Armed Forces were hijacked by Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law. If the Congress party comes to power in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, then Robert Vadra might even hijack Indian Defence weapons and sell it off.

Hansika Raj