Has The Movie ‘Raees’ Turned An ‘Underworld’ Don Into a Glamours ‘Hero’ ???

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Fans of SRK-the Bollywood Don may be rejoicing to see their favorite actor in yet another gangster avtaar. It is indeed a moment of treat for the actor’s fans, as we all know that ‘SRK’ plays negative or grey shade roles very well. However, this time it seems that he is also being watched by common people for ‘glorifying’ a gangster. Gangsters are notorious we know that; yet it seems that this time this it will be a subject of Indian politics trolling.

Imagine if the character was played by Pran or Amrish Puri of the yesteryears? Our guess is, it wouldn’t have really gathered so much steam; for the obvious reason that Abdul Latif is not being glamorized or glorified with a Bollywood hero in toe. That he indeed is being portrayed as a character with no morale, or simply villain. The matter at hand, that why focus on a gangster life on Indian celluloid, would have lost its sheer objectivity. A documentary is another safe shot to educate people.   

There are many more reasons to see a ‘Raees’ upset before/after its release. The film also starts the Pakistani actress Mahira Khan as the female protagonist. Again, glamorizing a Pakistani star is only expected to flare our national sentiments. It was only recently we had got over the Fawad Khan starer Ae Dil Hain Mushkil syndrome. Mahira plays the love interest of Raees in the movie, and yes, that only adds fuel to the fire.

Abdul’s real life is a perfect Bollywood story

Abdul Latif was a very notorious gangster, as ferocious as Dawood Ibrahim. However, common people don’t know him as infamously as they know Dawood.

Like any other gangster, Abdul’s life unfolded in real-life drama. He was born in Ahmedabad in 1951, didn’t have a decent childhood, was a school drop-out, and was employed at his father’s shop, and later, his lust for money took him to the world of illicit money making business. In his 20’s, Latif was employed in a gambling den. Frustrated, accused of theft at the gambling workplace, he then became a bootlegger himself. He established contacts with smugglers, criminals, policemen, to set up his business. His empire flourished into kidnapping, extortion, murders, and at one point, he was even in a gang-war with Dawood.

His real pull

It is alleged that since Latif’s had a huge fan following among the muslim community, he later drew political interest. His childhood in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was a better coincidence for his political ambitions. However, he was disqualified for the contesting Ahmedabad municipal ward elections in 1986-87, as he was in jail at that time. However, his growing popularity among the Muslim community made him a centre of attraction in political circle. Such was his clout that even Dawood Ibrahim decided to make peace with him later (in end of 80’s).

According to OPINDIA, his proximity with the Congress party was evident as Hasan Lala, President of Gujarat Youth Congress in those times, was his childhood friend. In the mid 80s, when anti-reservation protests (a prelude to anti-Mandal protests that India would see later) erupted in some parts of Gujarat, especially Ahmedabad, it is said that the then Congress government used Latif to target the protesters, which caused the anti-reservation protests to turn into communal riots. Many other communal skirmishes and riots in Ahmedabad saw active participation of Latif’s gang in this duration. Hindus of Gujarat, especially those in Ahmedabad, started looking for a saviour who would save them from Latif.

Ak-47 stunt that terrorized Ahmedabad

Growing by leaps and bounds in the crime space, Latif was soon recognised as brining terrorism to his own native place of Ahmedabad and rest of Gujarat. Latif is also a prime accuse in the 1993 Bombay blast terror, after he joined hands with Dawood in the crime and later, terrorism business.

According to OPINDIA, in August 1992, Ahmedabad saw AK-47s being used in a gang-war that left 9 people dead in Radhika Gymkhana. Latif’s gang members had gone there to kill one Hansraj Trivedi, but since they didn’t recognise him, they killed everyone. The orders to kill everyone came from Latif. The city was shocked at this naked display of terror.

Latif’s downfall

Latif became a prime election issue in 1995. This happened because of the terrorism network he was running, and also because, the ruling political parties had failed to address the issue.

PM Modi’s Old Speech on #Raees aka Abdul Latif is Getting Viral, In this Video-Modi Talked about the time when Gangs and Gang wars were in full flow Latif, Surti, Sohrabbudin and congress politics all were the main topic of this Video -Must Watch

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According to OPINDIA, in 1995, BJP formed its own government in Gujarat and the same year later Latif was arrested in Delhi following a two month long operation led by the Anti Terrorism Squad of Gujarat Police. Latif was lodged in Sabarmati Jail of Ahmedabad subsequently, and two years later, he was killed in an encounterwhen he tried to flee from the police custody.

–Pooja Bhatia