Mr Aakar! Please mend your English & Journalism before defaming Modi

Mr Aakar! The world knows how you put your Anti-Modi articles beginning from Godhra carnage as every pro-congress journalist does. If I think for two minutes that you are the most knowledgeable person in the world, then what would be my next opinion for you? I am just quoting a few lines from your hate-writings,

“Unfortunately, his (Modi”™s) English is also poor, which, in my opinion, has contributed to leaving his mind unopened because there is little access to the world for the Gujarati-only individual. Modi would not have reached the position he is in today, within striking distance of becoming the prime minister, in a civilised nation because he isn”™t qualified.”

Your above dialogue suggests that either India is not a civilized nation as Modi has finally become its Prime Minister, or Indians are illiterate fools unlike you and your congress leaders educated with degrees and doctorates in loot and corruption as they have voted for Modi.

Modi is accepted by almost all the world leaders as a reformer statesman and a legendary diplomat now-a-days for his vision and governance dispensing his famous Modi-Doctrine. According to you, “Those world leaders like Obama, Putin, Hollande and others who have certified Modi as a visionary world leader, are they stupid anyway?” If they are not stupid, is it you?

I am also quoting Mahatma Gandhi only to educate you in the simplest possible way that the Mahatma used to address the nation or the gatherings at Indian National Congress (Not your today”™s Congress party) in Gujarati not in English. He was using Hindi sometimes but he never used English in any of his speech addressed to the Indian Public even he wrote his autobiography “˜My Experiments with Truth”™ in Gujarati which was later translated to English by his Secretary, Mahadev Desai. Do you think Mr Aakar that the Mahatma was not a leader or he was not able to lead the nation? If you say so, then I will be sure that you must have some psycho-medical problem.

Mr Aakar could you please tell me, “In which language the Presidents or the Prime Ministers of Russia, Japan, China, France, Germany, Greece, Portuguese, even most of the UAE and Africa based countries address their nations?” Don”™t worry, I am educating you. They speak and also address their nations in their own national language not in English, rather they hate English as well. They are proud of their national languages using the same as their Lingua Franca. Modi is also doing the same who is proud of his national language, Hindi like AtalBihari Vajpayee and is using the same throughout the world even at UNO, Madison, and Indian Parliament unlike the ostentatious nature of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and the rest, the so called civilized Indians rich in English good for nothing according to you.

Che Guevara, Napoleon, Hitler like leaders were not communicating in English. Could you call them dumb? They are always great leaders because they could communicate their purpose to their nation and Modi is doing the same putting forward Hindi as an international language unlike you to be slaves of English.

You may be right Mr Aakar for your congress mania point of view but my point is that the leaders of congress were all educated having foreign degrees starting from Jawaharlal to Sonia. My question is to you, “What did they have given India being so educated Prime Ministers?” They have given India a policy paralysis, Indo-Pak terror issue or Jammu-Kashmir issue with article 370, Indo-China LoC issue, North Eastern Disturbed Area issue, Religious intolerance and Communal riot issues, caste and reservation issues, corruption and loot of government treasury issues, Poverty and education issues, Industry and agriculture issues, women, food, health unemployment and what not.

Manmohan Singh, one of the most intelligent persons of the world offered India nothing but darkness within his ten years of prime-ministership. He could only become a bearer of orders of Sonia Gandhi as if her servant betraying our nation. Do you speak of that English that Manmohan Singh used to speak all the time as if through a tone of a female child supressed by RaGa and Sonia, the messengers of English?

All the educated congress leaders have given everything to India what is required for their vote-bank upon one major policy, “Illiterate Indians should be kept illiterate so that the literates can rule.”

On the contrary of your various articles published in various media houses against Modi leave an impression that you are also a genius in English. As I am also from a hard core English background till my university education, I will ask you a simple question, “How many vowels are there in English?” You must say, five, “˜a, e, I, o, u”™. I know that you and your preceptors of congress must say, five. The answer is twenty. There are twenty vowel sounds (12 pure vowels and 8 diphthongs) and twenty-four consonant sounds in English according to various universities like Oxford, sometimes with a little variation. Indian leaders speak English so defectively that the foreign counterparts do not understand them most of the time. They speak bad English even very badly with disastrous pronunciation. So Donald Trump put an opinion that Indian leaders”™ English is so poor that it is difficult to understand.

My question is, “Have you ever heard of a name called Socrates?” Don”™t worry. I will educate you about the great genius who was a Greek Philosopher born in 470 BC. The people of Greece used to tell him, “Oracle said, “You are the most knowledgeable person in Greece.” One day he was forced imperial punishment, the capital sentence by taking Hemlock. My next question is, “Could you please tell me from which university he was offered his degrees or doctorate?” It”™s homework for you.

My next question is, “Do you know Henry Fords?” Don”™t worry, I will educate you. He was the owner and Founder Chairman of Ford Motors more than a century back who had no engineering knowledge at all. Do you know Thomas Alva Edison? He had attended only three months schooling but he is one of the greatest scientists of the world inventing electricity and he is a genius with 500 plus patents by his name only. Just think of the world without his electricity. Think of William Shakespeare, the greatest poet and dramatist of the world who had only attended grammar school till class three.

Thousands of Poets and writers like Leo Tolstoy, Hermann Hesseeand Dostoevsky are not from English language but are the greatest of the greatest never being criticised by persons like you.

I hope you understand what I am saying. Purpose matters, not the certificates. One psychopath in Delhi is also after Modi seeking his degrees, perhaps he is preparing to move to the President of India to investigate his degrees. So ridiculous are the fellows like you all.

I won”™t quote all your articles due to lack of time and useful space in the media site but I am just educating you only, to serve the country, emotion of patriotism is required with a brilliant brain that can invite many intellectuals to serve the nation. The Prime Minister is well educated to serve India and is delivering his promises to the nation with planning and executions that was never seen in Indian History of administration and diplomacy.

Azad Ray