Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, Please stop playing this extremely dangerous game !

Yasin Bhatkal and 4 other terrorists belonging to the deadly Indian Mujahiddeen were convicted by the special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court for the 2013 Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts on Monday. The special court sentenced all the five convicted to death. Soon after the judgement was pronounced, it was welcomed by the country as finally, justice had been given to the victims of the Dilsukhnagar blast. However, as the recent trend in our country has been, Asaduddin Owaisi was quick enough to bring the religion card and polarize the society on religious lines.

In a shocking statement he said that Yasin Bhatkal and 4 others were tried fast and sentenced to death by the special NIA court because they are Muslims. He even went a step ahead and said that the trial was not fair and defense lawyers were not given a chance. This is nothing new for Asaduddin Owaisi and the likes of him who have stooped extremely low for a few votes. The same pattern has been repeated every time a terrorist has been sentenced to death by judiciary – be it Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon , or killed in a deadly encounter when they were threat to the society.

In past few months, Mr. Owaisi has been regularly polarizing the Muslim community by bringing the religious angle to everything and dividing the nation on religious lines. It reminds us of pre-independence era when Muslim League was adopting exactly the same strategy to polarize the Muslims and divide the country. Last week, Owaisi had stooped to his lowest in a bid to polarize the Muslims that he openly said in a public show that government is not sending enough cash to the ATMs and banks in the areas where Muslims are in a majority, an allegation which is not only baseless but scary as well.

Every incident that has been happening in India, be it the welfare programs of social inclusion, policies, strict anti-corruption laws, steps to curb terrorism, strengthening law and order problem… each of them is being given communal angle by Owaisi. This is not an issue which can be dismissed as Owaisi is someone who is highly educated and has a great outreach in Muslim community. His polarizing statements everyday are deeply damaging the social fabric of the nation.

Mr. Owaisi is one of the most educated persons in the Muslim society and he can play a very constructive role to uplift the society if he really cares for the Muslim community. However, it seems his only interest is to polarize the community for his business of politics to continue. It is a very dangerous game that Owaisi is playing and although it might earn him some short term electoral benefit, he is causing an irreversible damage to the society and country. In one of the shows in Pakistan a few years ago, he strongly stood by the Indian government, spoke for Indian unity and set an example. It is hoped that he does same within the country as well. It will strengthen the social fabric and promote communal harmony.

Kshitij Mohan