Did Mr. Hamid Ansari destroy Indian Intelligence Network in Iran?

Ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari created an unwarranted controversy in his parting speech.He said that the 17.2 crore Muslims (2011 census) in the country constituting 14.2 percent of India’s total population are living with a “feeling of unease” and “a sense of insecurity is creeping in” among them.

This statement has created a furor across the nation and many people are criticizing him for his ill-conceived statement. Even PM Modi made his point in his own style where he tried to connect this statement with his past.

Mr. Hamid Ansari worked in Middle-East for most of the time during his tenure as a Foreign Ministry Diplomat, and today we will be presenting few facts which will expose Mr. Ansari and his ill-intentions.

As a Diplomat he was supposed to safeguard India’s interests on foreign land but if we scrutinize his track record, we will find just the opposite. R.K.Yadav a former officer of R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) in his book “Mission R&AW” wrote about his misdemeanor in Iran where he was Indian Ambassador during 1990-92.

During Ansari’s tenure many incidents took place where RAW officers were hounded and tortured by Iranian intelligence, and to our utter shock Ansari didn’t try to help them.

Here are few incidents occurred during Hamid Ansari’s tenure.

An Indian Sandip Kapoor was kidnapped from Tehran Airport by Iranian intelligence while he was returning from India. He was drugged and tortured for three days and his whereabouts were never informed to the Indian Embassy. He was later thrown on a lonely road near Tehran Airport. Hamid Ansari didn’t even try to register his protest to Iranian government. Embassy. Instead Ansari wrote to Indian govt. detailing possible faults of SandipKapoor which was highly objectionable.  Later on this incident was closed as a stray incident.

Another Indian Mr.D.B.Mathur was kidnapped in the morning while he was coming for his duty in the Mission. When he was found untraceable at all possible places, the matter was brought to the notice of Ansari to take up with the Iranian govt. Surprisingly, Ansari did nothing in this regard as well. Next day, Mr. Mathur’s family went to Ansari’s Office to seek some help in this regard, he refused to offer them any support. Later the familygheraoed him for his inaction in this case. He was hurled all sorts of abuses by the ladies for his casual attitude as Ambassador. When issue was escalated, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at Delhi spoke to Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and finally Indian govt. soon took this matter with Iran govt. Finally, Ansari was forced to approach Iranian govt. to bring back Mathur who had been kept in Tehran’s prison and was severely tortured.  Later Mr. Ansari made Mr. Mathur a scapegoat and asked him to leave Tehran within 72 hrs.  After this incident, Mission staff became very insecure due to callous attitude of Ansari.

Another Indian Mr. Mohammad Umar another Indian Embassy employee was picked up by the Iranian intelligence and was lured to work for them. Umar was working at the residence of Ansari at that time. Somehow, Umar freed himself from the clutches of Iranians and informed Ansari of this incident.  Ansari instead of raking up this matter with Iran govt. put blame on Umar and tried to implicate Mohammad Umar for his connivance with the Iranian intelligence.

During that time local Indians working in the Mission used to be provided with work permits every year by the Home Deptt. Of Iran. While renewing these permits, they were forced to work as their agents. When they made complaints to Ansari in this regard, he did not take any corrective action but left them to defend themselves.

Even Indians working in Iran for various companies were harassed by the Iranian authorities and subjected to various hardship. But Ansari did not care about them also.

If this was not enough, after these incidents Mr. Ansari sent a fake report to Govt. of India suggesting to shut down the RAW unit in Indian Embassy at Iran due to their exposure with the Iranian intelligence. He cited their presence as detrimental to improving relations with Iran.

It was also revealed that Son of Mr. Hamid Ansari was caught in an inappropriate condition with ladies on 2 different occasions by the Iranian intelligence whom he personally got released.

It was also observed that prior to Ansari tenure there was no such incidents of harassment of Indian Embassy officials and Diplomats had taken place in Iran, and even after Ansari’s departure from Tehran, no harassment of Indian Diplomat/Staff took place in Tehran.

What is proves? Was Mr. Ansari doing all this deliberately? Or was he working against the Nation?

Manish Sharma