Mr Kumaraswamy, Why take money only from temples? why not from Churches and Mosques?

The beautiful place of Coorg in Karnataka suffered heavy loses this year due to unimaginable rain that created havoc in the place. More than 50% of the Coorg was destroyed and people were rendered homeless in Nature’s furor. Coorg which is regarded as the Kashmir of Karnataka turned in to hell overnight with massive devastation.

Since then the entire Nation and Karnataka people have stood with Coorg donating in every way possible to the rehabilitation of the place. Organisations like Seva Bharati of the RSS has been relentlessly working on ground helping people rebuild their life. The people have contributed to various organisations and NGOs and sending relief material to help our people.

After the state government made appeal to the people, many even started donating to the Chief Minister’s relief fund with an intention of helping the coorg people. But what is unfortunate here is, there is no accountability of the money trail and the use of it in Coorg relief work. It is believed that the state government has received hundreds of crores which can easily be used to rehabilitate people.But according to few sources in government, most of this money is being misused by politicians for their personal benefits.

But the greed of politicians seems to have no end as the Chief Minister of Karnataka H D Kumaraswamy has ordered 81 temples of Karnataka to donate to the Coorg relief fund from their treasury. This treasury money of temples is nothing but the amount donated by Lakhs of devotees. This money is now being taken by the government forcibly in the name of Coorg relief fund.

Genuinely utilizing the money would not have made people feel bad, but the government which treats Temples as a Piggy bank is using the Coorg floods reason to dig out crores of money from temples which will ultimately be used for their political gimmicks.What is to be noted here is, every government has misused the temple funds for their benefits and deprive the temples from all development and restoration.

The temples which get crores of money from devotees is supposed to be used for temple restoration, renovation and salaries of those priest who would have dedicated their entire life learning Vedas and Mantras. But these priests do not even get a salary of over 2,500-5000 a month and they are expected to lead their life with this amount.

The temple money is not just misused for political games, but it is also diverted towards Madarassa and Missionaries for pseudo secular appeasement. The RTI report filed by activists has shown that the government has spent not more than 1-2 Lakhs in every temple that comes under Muzrai department for its renovation. These temples which receive over 30-40 crores every year from Devotees is going untraceable in the hands of politicians.

The government which forcibly takes money from temples never speaks a word about the funds of Churches and Madarasa. Despite the Article 25 of constitution states the Right to Freedom of Religion, the rule is being continuously violated by the so called secular governments in the country. In case of Hindu temples, the government is deciding whom should we worship, how should we worship and who has to manage temple funds.

Taking this situation for their advantage, the Karnataka government has ordered 81 temples to donate for Chief Minister’s relief fund. The total amounts accounts to over 12 crore which is most likely to end up in the pockets of politicians.if we observe, not politicians has shown the generosity to donate to Coorg relief work…Why?

Should we believe that our politicians in Karnataka do not have money?!

Yes, it is humanity to donate to those people affected from floods, the temples and Mutts have always been in the forefront of contributing funds for any developmental work. But the question here is why doesn’t the government ask any money from Churches or Madrasas? Does all the responsibility lie only on Hindus and temples?? Don’t Missionaries or Mosques have any responsibility of rebuilding the Coorg? While minorities take every benefit from the country in the name of religion, why don’t they extend financial help from their religious institution?

Those politicians who take money from temples, do not show the spine to take money from Churches or Madrasa…why?? Are they scared of vote banks?

This is what is called bias and appeasement!!!The politicians have taken Hindus for granted and do not care for their belief or sentiments.

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