Is Mr Modi against Christians in India? Mindblowing reply by a Gujarati Christian

Are you are Christian and living in Gujarat? Then your life might have been a hell? BJP might have been targeting you on a daily basis!!!

Shocked? Yes, this was the script used by Presstitutes to target the BJP in the state of Gujarat. They have tried in all possible ways to project Mr Modi as a leader who hates minorities.

But all these myths are shattered by a Catholic named Jerry Vayalil who is living in Gujarat over 40 years with his family.

He states that Christians are highly respected in Modi’s Gujarat. Not just respected but are preferred in the field of nursing, teaching, administrative work and in many other jobs. Presstitutes and Congress party are leading in the field of planting fake news whereas Modi’s Gujarat is whole heartedly working on the development of all communities.

Mr Jerry further mentions that his family is from Kerala and his father was working with the Government of Gujarat as a civil engineer. Before getting retired, his father worked in various parts of Gujarat such as Saurashtra in Rajkot, Junagadh, Amreli, Morbi districts.

After completing his studies at Rajkot, Mr Jerry worked for Bharat Petroleum, Rajkot, across Saurashtra and Kutch. Like his father, he too didn’t face any kind of discrimination in the name of Gujarat. But the so called neutral media has smartly projected that minorities are humiliated every in every walks of life in Modi’s Gujarat.

Mr Jerry further stresses that none of his Christian friends had never ever faced any kind of discrimination in Gujarat. His parents’ love for the state of Gujarat is such that even after his father retired in the year 2002, they are still staying in the Gujarat. Readers must know that Godhra riots took place in the year 2002, yet his family didn’t want to leave Gujarat. This indicates that the ground reality is completely different in Gujarat and is minority friendly.

Mr Jerry blames the media for projecting Gujarat in a bad light. He appreciates Gujaratis saying that they respect each and every religion and problem arises when somebody tries to interfere in others religious matters.

The bold statement in the previous statement is very true! The violence in Gujarat erupted only after 59 Karsavaks were burnt to death by few radicalised fanatics who had links with Pakistani terrorists.

When we keenly observe the Christians of Gujarat, many of them carry the surname Parmar, Vaghela and Solanki. The main reason for their Hindu surname is that many of them were once Rajputs who at the course of times got converted to Christianity.

What is even more fascinating is that many of the Rajput converts have given up their own land to the Christians to carry out their religious works. Sadly, this state is now called as intolerant towards minorities just because PM Modi is from here.

After reading this analysis by Mr Jerry Vayalil, one will realise that PM Modi was never against the Christians and the best example for this is the state of Gujarat.

Jerry Vayalil


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