Mr Nehru allowed 80% water to Pakistan in “Indus Water Treaty”; But PM Modi gave a jolt to Pakistan as “World Bank” favours India

Congress has got yet another reason to get angry on PM Modi. The Indian Prime Minister has ignored the treaty signed by the then PM Nehru and has completely toppled the terms and conditions of it. The treaty that was signed in 1960 by Nehru was against India and favoured Pakistan in various aspects. But PM Modi accomplished the task for what he was elected.

Indus Water Treaty: A blunder created by Mr Nehru

The Indus Water Treaty is a water distribution treaty between India and Pakistan brokered by the World Bank. The Treaty was signed in Karachi on September 19, 1960 by Prime Minister Nehru and President of Pakistan Ayub Khan.

The treaty signed by Nehru was a biggest blunder because India would get only 20 percent of the total flow of the Indus Basin as against the 75 to 80 percent in the three western rivers allocated to Pakistan. Further, the bulk of the irrigation canals earlier developed on the Indus system were gifted to Pakistan.

This treaty had badly affected India’s irrigation in Jammu & Kashmir and even the hydro-power generation was hit badly. How can a Prime Minister sign a treaty if it favours our enemy nation?

When the Modi government had decided to alter the water treaty with Pakistan, we had seen how few Congress leaders opposed it and advised PM Modi to focus on other important issues. So according to Congress, the injustice done to India in the Indus Water treaty was not a serious issue.

Finally PM Modi shocks Pakistan!!!

This is really sad news to the Pakistan sympathizer located at India as the World Bank said that India should be allowed to construct hydroelectric power facilities on tributaries of the Jhelum and Chenab rivers with certain restrictions under the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty (IWT). Now this is really very great news to India as we can boost our irrigation and even the hydro-power generation capacity.

The World Bank that brokered the treaty also said that “Among other uses, India is permitted to construct hydroelectric power facilities on these rivers subject to constraints specified in annexures to the treaty”.

The IWT was signed in 1960 after nine years of negotiations between India and Pakistan with the help of the World Bank, which is also a signatory.

Now PM Modi has gained a huge diplomatic win. Congress couldn’t achieve this since 1960 or perhaps they didn’t want to achieve it? Hence it is proved that Congress deliberately didn’t act against this injustice. But PM Modi did in just three years. So people who questioned Modi’s foreign visits, here is the answer.

Till date, Pakistan was enjoying almost 80 percent water and now the whole scenario will be changed. Now it is interesting to see how Pakistan will react because last year, Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that India is doing “water terrorism”.

Nishika Ram