Mr Oversmart Pants strikes again!!! Rajdeep Sardesai’s shameless hypocrisy gets him trolled yet again!

Media imperialism is not a new thing in India. We all have witnessed how mass media have brought down empires and established them as well, sometimes being the biggest boon for the country and sometimes the exact opposite. But the most recent and largest concern that has raised from this long existent media imperialism is the power enjoyed by politically propaganda driven individuals.

And sadly, these individuals call themselves ‘neural journalists’ and set up an open display of their shameless hypocrisy. The television reports who have turned into overnight celebrities and crorepatis owing to a handful of ‘scandalous revelations’ they made by yelling on top of their voice are now in an illusion that they rule the world. They don’t find it necessary to adhere by the basic ethics of journalism, do not possess the courtesy to listen to a person, nor make efforts to hide their shameless inclination towards certain political parties or ideologies. And topping that list of journalists living in illusion is the Mr. Oversmart pants, Rajdeep Sardesai.

We all know why he’s the hot topic of the day. Twitter cannot stop laughing at the blatant display of hypocrisy he put up lately, with a crystal clear inclination towards ‘HATE MODI.’

Here are the two tweets that were posted by Rajdeep himself, conveying two complete different messages –

1. When Ramnath Kovind’s name was proposed by the BJP for Presidential candidate –

“So Ramnath Kovind set to be President! When in doubt, turn to a ‘dalit’ face. Political tokenism yet again for highest post? #RamnathKovind”

This tweet clearly conveyed the message that a Dalit name was being ‘used’ by the BJP government in order to get to the highest post. Conveying that a Dalit name for political positions is ‘tokenism’, Rajdeep condemned the idea here.

2. And this was just yesterday, 24 December –

“JaiRam Thakur is Himachal CM. Of 11 BJP CMs (outside north east), only 2 (Raghubar Das and Shivraj Singh are OBCs), rest Bhrahmin, Rajput, upper cast. Political India not changing just yet. #jairamthakur”


So what is it that you want, Mr. Sardesai? When BJP brought up a Dalit name for the highest post of the country, you called it political tokenism. When the rest of the communities are treated equally and provided a fair change regardless of the caste, you say the political system lacks change. So from your perspective, all that the BJP government or Narendra Modi is wrong.

This man calls himself a neutral journalist and preaches long excerpts about ethics in journalism. And then does things like this.

This is surely not the only time Rajdeep Sardesai displayed his inclination towards leftism and Congress. He even went as far as comparing Narendra Modi to his dog in a tweet that read –

“While Namo travels the country, my Nemo needs to be taken for a walk in the park! Different folks, different priorities! Enjoy the weekend.”

There hasn’t been a journalist in the history of India who has swooped down to these levels as Rajdeep Sardesai. This man has been so inconsiderate of the ethics of journalism that out of personalized loathing for Narendra Modi, he has held on to the 2002 riots as his Trump card. Not to mention, his Trump card is a bigger failure than himself, for Narendra Modi has been acquitted from all charges in relation to the 2002 riots by the Supreme Court of India.

Rajdeep’s desperation keep him repeating the 2002 instances in every show and every interview in relation to Narendra Modi. It has gone so off limits that once, a British MLA who had invited Narendra Modi over for a meeting was posed the same question of 2002 riots by Rajdeep Sardesai. To his utmost shame (which we doubt if he ever feels), a British MLA reminded an Indian journalist to respect the Supreme Court of his own country.

Whenever the country has an opinion about something, Rajdeep Sardesai has the exact opposite opinion. Himself and his feeble opportunist followers get trolled on social media every single time, but the fact that he never learns a lesson is in fact an entertaining factor for us. Even when a stand up comedian named Tanmay Bhat had inconsiderately mocked Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar with ‘puns’ like ‘why don’t you die?’, Rajdeep Sardesai took his side. The entire country wanted Tanmay to apologise, but well, this man stands oppositely inclined.

It is a free country, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai. Nobody withholds you from holding an opinion, following an ideology or boot-licking a particular party. The problem that we have with you is that you never own up to what you are. You call yourself a neutral journalist who stands up for what is right, but do the exact opposite every single time. Call yourself what you are, quit being an insult to your profession and do what you like. Maybe then we’ll all live in peace.

Trisha Jay