Mr Owaisi needs to read this before blaming on Hindus; “45 civilisations destroyed by Islam and Christian invasions in the world” says UNESCO

Assauddin Owissi said that even if someone hold a knife on his neck, he won’t say “Bharath Maatha Ki Jai”. This was said long back but today am talking about this because I want to reveal a dark  history which is associated to his sentence.

Now who will hold a knife on his neck? Let me remind him that our Hindu culture is not  taught to do such a heinous act. We harboured foreigners since centuries and provided them shelter but sad part is that we were still chanting “Atithi Devo Bava” even when these attacked our culture.  Turn the pages of history to find out who held a knife on others neck, who chopped lakhs and lakhs of people and who raped women?

It is definitely the people from Owaisi’s gang. If we had held a knife then Owaisi would have been a Hindu, never he and his followers would have been converted to Islam. Yes, his roots rest in Hinduism.

Let every Indian Muslim start the journey of finding his roots and definitely it will end at a point where they will come to know that their ancestors were Hindus. Muslim religion originated in Arab and it did not have any links to India. Muslims became a part of India due to immigration, but more than that it was because of forceful conversion. Today let us have a look at  certain brutal facts of Islam invasion on India.

636 AD was the first time when Arab Muslims came to India as they were provoked and sent by Omar, Muslim leader of Arab. As these Muslim immigrants were less in number it didn’t effect India. Never Indians thought it would end up like how India is in 2017. But after 968 AD Muslim population started to increase and few mosques emerged at frequent intervals in coastal areas of Gujarat. Gradually immigrants started to convert others also.

But full fledged conversion started only after Ghazni invaded India. He tried to enforce Islam on almost everyone. This fellow didn’t discriminate between men and women, caste and colour. He didn’t spare anyone. Even though he was bravely opposed by Indian kings, he invaded 17 times. It had become a habit to him. Thousands of Hindus were killed and immense conversion took place. To avoid themselves from getting raped, many Hindu sisters burnt themselves or jumped into well. Even those were women. They had dream but this brutal Islamic invader ruined it.
Next grand entry in 1190 was of Mohammad Ghori, followed by Kutub-Udin-Aibak. Nalanda University, Vikrama Shila, Udanda Shila are the few of those universities which  were destroyed by these Islamic invaders. By the grace of Arab Muslim leaders and barbaric strategies of invaders, in the 13th century Muslims population crossed few lakhs.
Even after this, invaders and traders kept coming to India. Mangols, Afghans, Arabs, Persians, Turks kept coming to India in the name of expanding trade. Alahuddin Khilji, Taimur and many more invaded India, looted India’s wealth, destroyed temples and raped women. At the end of 15th century, Muslim population crossed 30 lakh in India. What a peaceful religion!

After this, the dark rule of Moguls started. Akbar started to glitter with confidence after he killed Hemu when he was just 14 years old. This confidence led to mass killing of lakhs of Hindus and conversions without any break. Wasn’t it injustice? Is it right to celebrate the so called bravery of this brutal murderer who raped our sisters?

To some terrorist Ishrath Jahan was a sister; What are these women who suffered under Mogul rule?

Indians didn’t get time to relax after Aurngazeb’s death. Soon Nadir Shah and Ahmed Shah stepped in to make Hindus life miserable. Atlast tipu landed in. Hindu community sufferred like hell under these invasions. To add to their sorrows finally the British arrived.

Till then Indians were forcefully converted to Islam, now they had to deal with Christianity also. But today we hear that Hinduism is an intolerant religion, wow! Later the freedom struggle kick started but sufferings of Hindus didn’t end. Amidst so many atrocities against Hindus, Mahatma Gandhi chanted religious Harmony. He tried to unite all religions. Funny part is Hinduism allowed every religion to enter into India and ended up in a pathetic condition.

When Hindus were busy chanting religious harmony, several Hindus were killed in Malabar riots and several dead bodies of Hindu women were floating in wells and ponds. In 1946 , the great Calcutta killing took place. On the call for jihad by the then Calcutta Mayor Mohammad Usman, Muslims killed several Hindus.

The continuity of this part was Novakali riot . A lawyer named Babu Rajendralal Rai showed some resistance. But his head was chopped off and presented in front of the then MLA  Gulam Sawar. 2 young daughters of Babu Rajendralal was handed over to Gulam’s followers. No need to mention why.

Bulandh Shah riot of 1990, Mass killing of Kashmiri pandits went unheard. After Babri Masjid issue in 1992 don’t forget how the Hindus in Bangladesh were treated. Pakistan sponsored terrorism, love jihad and attack on our culture through Bollywood films are the reasons for spread of Islam in India. What is there to be proud? Should a religion expand by resorting to violence? Is that religion so weak that it can’t attract and impress others by its religious principles?

Arabs brought nothing to India except death and violence.

Now coming back our Rockstar Mr owaisi, his breakfast and lunch is found in creating rift in the society by barking against Hindu community. Now let us see some of the sentences given out by his brother, Akbaruddin Owaisi.
April 2012: They say Ayodhya is the birth place of Lord Ram. Kaushaya’s mother’s home is at Kaushalyapur, Haryana. According to Indian system a lady will give birth to her child in her mother’s home but how come she gave birth to Ram in Ayodhya? If this kind of question was asked about their Propfet Mohammad, then what would have happened?
November 2012: We Muslims are 25 crores in this country and Hindus are 100 crores. Let Indian Police go aside for 15 mins and then see what we Muslims will do to these Hindus?

Not just this, insulting Hindu festivals, abusing Hindu gods, praising terrorist Ajmal kasab and Ishrath Jahan has been his routine. “I will see how will Modi become India’s PM”, even this was said by him. Was he threatening  PM Modi? According to them Hindus are Kafirs but these can kill lakhs of Hindus and can enjoy with 72 Virgins in heaven. Wow Owaisi brothers. Nation salutes you.

But several questions come across my mind. They are:

  • Are rest of the Muslims supporting their views?
  • If they are not supporting, then why aren’t they publicly opposing and boycotting people like Owaisi brothers?
  • If a RSS worker or a Hindu organization worker is killed why any of the Muslims doesn’t show their condolences?
  • Why don’t they say that we will help it nabbing the culprits?
Two important things that should be noted here is:
  1. Due to Islam and Christianity’s invasion, around 45 civilisation have become extinct including Greece, Iran , Egypt. Now remaining is Hinduism only. This is not said by so called communal RSS but UNESCO scientists.
  2. A tree called Islam’s roots are in Arab nation. In India only branches can be found. From several centuries, the religion which is flourishing in India is Hinduism. It hasn’t spread through forced conversion but due to its strong principles. Due to Rockstar Owaisi brothers, if incase cyclone( communal violence) occurs then what will vanish from this Hindustan? A religion established due to conversion or a religion spread through principles?

 Credits: Sahana Vijay Kumar

Source: Vishwavani

Vikrant Raj