Mr Siddaramaiah, 24 Hindu activists murdered in Karnataka since 2 years, are you listening?

Respected Sir,

Sir, 4 years back when you took over as the CM of Karnataka, people thought you were not like other Congress members in Delhi who forget the state after they win elections. They believed you would be atleast sensitive enough towards the pain and suffering of people from all community and religion and will not indulge in appeasement politics. But as days passed, forget being sensitive, you and government event lost sensibility and fell into the same rhetoric of Minority appeasement.

While you officially announced Anna Bhagya (Rice), Kshera Bhagya (Milk), laptop Bhagya Schemes from your government, you probably forgot to include Kole Bhagya (Murder) scheme to your credit.  Or we do not know if you included that unofficially. Sir, since 3 years you need to calculate how many right-wing activists have been murdered in Karnataka. It all started in the year 2015, when your government ignored the murder of Vishwanath in February. The Jihadi elements were given free run which lead to the brutal murder of Prashant Poojary the same year in October.

No action was taken apart from arresting few suspects and then letting them free. The police report clearly stated that PFI and other Islamic radical groups were behind the murder and still your government chose to remain silent and you slipped into your dreamy world! But the situation went out of control when your government decided to celebrate Tippu Jayanthi despite people opposing it. Your government celebrated Tippu Jayanthi in Coorg, the same place where Tippu is said to have murdered thousands of people mercilessly.

Despite security concerns, you allowed the Muslim group to carry out processions in the streets of Mysore and Coorg. Don’t you know that intelligence report had warned you about radical Islamist group entering Karnataka in large numbers from Kerala before Tippu Jayanti to trigger violence?! What action did your government take? The violence injured hundreds of people and killed an innocent 67 year old man called Kuttappa.

Don’t you remember how Pakistani flags were raised during Tippu Jayanthi?! In case if you have forgotten here is a picture to remind YOU!!!



Image result for Tippu jayanthi 2015

But the murders did not stop there, just 4 months after Kuttappa was killed, another RSS worker Raju was killed in Mysore. The murderers of Raju belonged to same PFI and Muslim federation groups. Raju had raised the illegal encroachment of government lands by certain Muslim groups which triggered the radical groups who went to the extent of murdering him. What did your government do?

Next in frequent intervals, Raju Kannadabane, Yogesh Goudar, Praveen Poojary, Rudresh, Karthik Raj, Magalli Ravi, Kithaganahalli Vasu, Harish Bantwal, Sharath Madiwal, Paresh Mesta and now Deepak Rao got brutally murdered for the only reason that they were Hindu activists.

Sir, in 2017, there has been over 5 murders, all near Mangalore region. Sharath Madiwal’s brutal murder triggered huge protests in Mangalore regions, that should have woken you up. But you’re appeasement towards Muslim community stopped you from taking any action. Instead of giving a stern warning to the radical elements, you chose to blame the BJP and RSS for the murders.

Just months after his death, another incident shook Karnataka and that was the murder of a small Dalit boy Paresh Mesta. Unfortunately no Dalit activist spoke for him, no Dalit community held rallies, no one called it attack on secular fabric of country, no media blamed Congress rule, the elite class did not call this intolerance, no liberals-seculars took protest march holding candles and you’re party president Mr Rahul Gandhi did not find time to parachute drop to his house……why? Because he was a Hindu activists and not a Pseudo secular!

Now, another Hindu activist Deepak Rao (28) has been murdered in Katipalla, near Surathkal. They have cut open his head, slit his neck and shopped his hands. Do you want to know the names of the suspects who have been arrested….. Mulky Naushad, Rizwan, Pinky Nawaz and Nirshan! Many locals have given statement that they belong to PFI organisation. The way Deepak was murdered makes anyone’s blood boil. This is nothing but a Jihadi-ISIS model of killing to scare people. The same model which is rampantly spreading in Kerala under the watch full eyes of your very close ally, CPM!

Infact we should not be surprised by their style of killing, Paresh Mesta was also murdered in a similar way…..His genitals were cut, boiling oil was poured on his eyes and face, SHIVAJI tattoo on his hand was removed with a knife and he was strangled to death.

As a citizen of India, as a responsible individual, I would like to ask you and your government as to what action have you taken??? What precautionary measures have you taken to stop such incidents? How many people have been jailed since 2015? Is it true that 175 cases against PFI and its members have been withdrawn by your government?? On what basis did your government take such a decision?

While the NIA and intelligence agencies have provided numerous proofs against PFI and their involvement in anti National activities and murders, what made you take such decision? Were you told to withdraw cases by Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi to appease Muslims? If not how can the Chief Minister of a state ignore such brutality?

Sir, you should remember that people are not ignorant and are watching you every minute. Do not forget this is just one side of the story and still I haven’t asked you about the murders of IAS, IPS and police officers in the state. It is time to remind you that K J George, the ex- Home Minister was directly named in DySP Ganapathy’s murder. People have a tolerance limit and please do not test that. Karnataka is a peaceful state and has never treated anyone different, do not turn this peaceful state into ISIS-Jihadi hub in your appeasement politics. Just to gain few extra votes, do not spill blood of innocents and destroy this peaceful land.

This is my only request to you.

Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka!

Aishwarya S