Mr Siddaramaiah’s Congress govt divides the Hindus by creating a new minority religion by separating Lingayats and Veerashaivas from Hindus

The political game is getting deadlier in Karnataka as the chief minister is aggressively using the “divide and rule” concept of the British. Can you just believe that the Karnataka chief minister divided the Hindus and created a separate religion out of it? Yes, the religion will be give minority status in Karnataka and he has ordered them not to follow Hinduism or else they will lose the facilities provided from the state government.

Lingayats and Veerashaivas who follow Basavanna’s teachings are no more Hindus!

Yes, the Siddaramaiah government has recommended separate religion status for Lingayats and those Veerashaivas who follow Basavanna’s teachings. The separate religion status has been recommended under Section 2D of the Minority Communities Act.

This dirty game of giving a separate religion is just because to retain the throne in the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections. “The Lingayat community, which currently forms 17 per cent of Karnataka’s population will vote for Congress party”, this is the assumption of Mr Siddaramaiah.

If you celebrate Hindu festivals, then the minority facilities won’t be given, says Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah!

Eyeing on huge percentage of Lingayat and Veerashaiva voters, the Siddaramaiah govt has recommended a minority status for these community. Both, Lingayat and Veerashaivas, are the followers of the principles of Basvanna.

But after dividing these two -Lingayats and Veerashaivas- Mr Siddaramaiah has said that the Veerashaivas need to practice only the principles of Basavanna. What will happened if the Veerashaivas follow Hinduism and principles of Basavanna at the same time?

If any of the Veerashaivas practise Hinduism, then all the facility given to them will be withheld. By this, Siddaramaiah is planning to separate lakhs and lakhs of Hindus from Hinduism. This move is not just intended to win the elections but even to weaken the Hindu religion in the long run.

“CM Siddaramaiah had dedicated three ministers and spent substantial time and energy to divide Hindu Religion. If only he had shown the same interest in constructive work, burning issues like Mahadayi and Farmers Suicides could have been solved”, said MLA from Chikkamagaluru, Mr CT Ravi.

“Karnataka Government’s approval for separate religion status to Lingayats is a stupid, anti-national and desperate move by Congress”, said Dr Subramanian Swamy.

But Professor and rationalist K.S. Bhagavan, who always abuse Hindu Lords and practises of Hinduism said “I am very happy that Karnataka Government has taken the right decision by granting separate religion status to Lingayats”.

Even though the Hindu saints requested Mr Siddaramaiah not to break Hinduism, he didn’t pay any heed!

“Congress’s Mr Siddaramaiah declares Lingayats as separate religion inspite of request by their Saints not to break Hindu society. Only way Congress knows of winning is dividing society into splinter groups. It abhors unity of society and nation. Breaking India forces in full form”, said political analyst and RSS man Ratan Sharda.

Karnataka law minister said T B Jayachandra said “After due deliberations and some discussion on concerns of various sections of society cabinet has decided to accept the recommendations of the state minority commission which based on the report of an expert committee headed by Justice Nagamohan Das has recommended to consider grant of recognition as religious minority to the Lingayat and Veerashaiva Lingayat, believers of Basava Tattva, under Section 2(d) of the Karnataka Minorities Act. It was also decided to forward the same to the Central government for notifying under Section 2(d) of the Central Minority Commission Act”.

This move of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has angered the Lingayats!

“I am Lingayat and I don’t want separate religion. Our principles are simple as told by Basavanna, which are most practical in nature. ಕಾಯಕವೇ ಕೈಲಾಸ – work is worship. Please don’t divide us. Shame as Karnataka Congress”, said a Lingayat from Karnataka who was fed up by the “divide and rule” principle of Congress.


At first, Congress divided the nation and now they are dividing the Hindus. Innocent Hindus are still voting for Congress!

  • Hindus have become toys in the hands of corrupt politicians. Congress’s agenda is divide and rule. Earlier they divided the nation and now they are dividing the people. Sadly a section of ignorant Hindus are still voting for them. I think gradually India will be broken into pieces.

Hansika Raj