Does MSM Consider Tarun Tejpal a Rapist? If So Then Does That Make All Male Journalists Rapists? Then Why Use the Same Logic for Hindu Gurus?

Tarun Tejpal was charge-sheeted for allegedly raping a junior colleague in 2013.He was then arrested by the Crime Branch police on November 30 and remained in judicial custody till May 19, 2014. The Crime Branch had filed the charge sheet against him under IPC sections 354, 354-A, 341, 342, 376, 376(2)(f)(376(2)(k).

The question that first arises is – Does the media regard Tarun Tejpal a rapist? If yes (which they should considering the fact that the police has booked him for the crime), then do they consider other male journalists rapists as well? Why we ask this is because the media employs the same attitude when talking of Hindu gurus.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was recently arrested and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for rape. This sent the media into a frenzy and most sections of the mediamade sweeping generalizations that all Hindu godmen are immoral beings.

The media doesn’t make such generalizations when a journalist turns out to be a rapist. The media doesn’t make such generalizations about Islam when almost everyday some act of terror is initiated in the name of Allah. The media doesn’t make such generalizations when a Christian priest is accused of raping a minor in Kerala. Then why does this only happen when the talk is of Hinduism?

There are many Hindu gurus who’ve lived a moral and honest life leading their followers on the right path like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sadhguru, Kripalu Maharaj, Morari Bapu, to name a few. They and many others have been true proponents of Hinduism. They’ve led their followers on a path of peace and brotherhood, of social service and selflessness. They lend help to victims of natural calamities through their welfare organizations. Why does the media ignore this?

It seems as if demonizing Hinduism has become a fashion for the media. The term ‘Hindu terror’ was coined by the Congress party but it surely has gained popularity with some sections of the media. They don’t hesitate in using this term or ‘Saffron terror’ when an incident of violence occurs in the name of cow protection. But this happens only with Hinduism.

It’s tough not to highlight the one important reason why defamation of Hinduism doesn’t stop in the media – indifference of Hindus. Politicians, media, actors, abuse Hinduism but the only outrage by Hindus to be seen is on social media, nothing on the ground. When Kamlesh Tiwari made a comment on Prophet Muhammad, a few lakh Muslims took to the streets to demand his hanging. When Rakesh Agarwal of the Samajwadi Party made reprehensible comments on Hindu gods in Parliament, did we see any protests by Hindus on the ground other than on social media? No. Let alone the common Hindu taking to the streets; did the Hindu karyakartas of SP protest? No. Kamlesh Tiwari was jailed, Rakesh Agarwal wasn’t even removed from his party. This indifference of Hindus toward the abuse of their gods should end on their part and they must understand that outrage on social media has a very limited effect.

Anyways, this doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse Hinduism. Whether it be politicians or actors or writers or people of any other field, abusing Hinduism today instantly gives them a solid following of those who themselves speak against the religion. And then they play victim and shout how ‘freedom of speech’ is under danger. This trend of Hindu-bashing must stop for Hinduism is one of the most beautiful and peaceful of religions to have ever existed.

Vinayak Jain