Much Awaited Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill Ensures Fair Surrogacy Practices

If money can”™t buy everything, it can surely rent you anything, even a womb. Flourishing surrogacy industry in India made it a hub for surrogacy with estimated numbers of surrogacy clinics in India between 3000 to 2000 making it an estimated business of Rs 900 crore per annum.

Government took a note of the situation and recently and to put an end on “surrogacy industry”, the union cabinet cleared the surrogacy (regulation) bill that proposes a complete ban on “˜womb on rent”™ trade. The bill bars all practices that commercialize surrogacy making way only for genuine couples to opt for surrogacy.

While the bill makes commercial surrogacy illegal, it proposes to allow “altruistic surrogacy”. It says that altruistic surrogacy is for married Indian couples with biological or adopted child and only through a close relative as the surrogate mother. Bill will further be scrutinised by the standing committee of Parliament to make it more suitable for needy couples.

Bill aims to regulate the surrogacy to restrict the commercial exploitation of poor women who give birth of rich clients. Bill also requires prospective couples to be married for at least 5 years and one has to be proven infertile. Surrogacy (restriction) bill proposes national surrogacy board to be set up at central level, state surrogacy boards & appropriate authorities in states/UTs.

Understanding Surrogacy

Clearly this draft didn”™t please medical professionals with whole medical fraternity. Leading professionals say, they agree that there is a need of regulation but this draft is too harsh aiming to kill surrogacy completely. Limiting surrogate mother up to close family is not justified. Also homosexuals and gays should not have been barred to opt surrogacy. This is not acceptable in today”™s modern society. This bill takes away everything from infertile couples. It also misses opportunity of medical tourism in India.



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