Much needed in the land of Lord Ram!!! Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh prints Nikah card with pictures of Lord Ram and Sita

How many among us think of accepting customs and traditions of a different religion? How many among us can dare to adopt or accept people belonging to other religion with open arms? Even though we boast about “Caste Equality” and “Every religion is equal”, not many of us come forward and dare to do this. Even if your soul allows you to do so, your family would not, your community would not, your society will not for sure.

We Indians are born and brought up with an attached mentality that would not change at any cost. We are what our parents teach us. We learn elders portray to us. We learn more from neighbours rather than teachers, Don’t we?

Here’s something that none of us could have imagined to do. Something that would get a smile on your face. A unique example of communal harmony and respect for another religion, a Muslim family in Sultanpur has printed pictures of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita on a wedding card of their daughter.

A Muslim family of Mohammad Saleem in Sultanpur has printed pictures of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita on a wedding card for his Daughter. They set the unique example of Communal Harmony. Hope, No one from the Muslim community Criticize or impose Fatwa to this act of Saleem.

Mohammad Saleem, a resident of Baghsarai village in Sultanpur, has done this out of the box gesture intending to spread the message of communal harmony in the society. The card for his daughter Jahana Bano’s wedding sent to guests from Hindu community has picture of Ram and Sita, standing behind a ceremonial fire. It also has other traditional Hindu ‘pooja’ items such as Kalash, lamps, banana leaves and even a ‘Pooja Thali’ replete with coconut, flowers and fruits. The card is in the form of a scroll.

Well, if this is unusual to be heard, here’s something more interesting. When Saleem distributed the card among his Hindu friends, they got a pleasant surprise having a look at it. Those in the Muslim community also accepted the step positively and open-heartedly appreciated Saleem’s gesture through the card.

Forget about Fatwa. You never know, Saleem and his family might be or will be thrown out of their religion very soon, by their own Maulvis and then they will say he is not a Muslim. This may be done in the coming days, we can expect it anytime. And then no one will question secularism, as the secular brigade will be committing this sin.

Here’s what Mohammed Saleem has got to say about this gesture by him. Can we forget all those hatred for once? Why can’t we hear and admire what Saleem has to say? He definitely does make us rival free and communal free by his inspiring words.

“I wish to bridge the gap between the religious beliefs of Hindus and Muslims. It is a goodwill gesture for my Hindu brothers who also respect our religion with their heart. If we respect their religious personalities, they will definitely show respect for the Muslim community,” said Saleem.

Radhey Shyam Tiwari, a neighbour of Saleem, said, “By printing the photographs of Lord Ram and Mother Sita, Saleem bhai has proven how much Muslims respect the Hindu religion. Moreover, no one from the Muslim community has criticized this act of Saleem. This is highly appreciable.”

Applause for the ones who have open-heartedly accepted this gesture with a smile. This shows that Muslims also believe in Hinduism and its customs. They are aware of its purity and importance. But a dynasty changed our way of thinking. A dynasty has sowed this poison in our minds, since past 70 years. Hindus still consider Muslim as a threat and Muslims consider Hindus as enemies of their religion.

Now how many appreciate this gesture, is something to be awaited and watched.


Times Of India