Mughal emperor Aurangzeb forced Kashmiri Pandits to convert! Says Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath

The Uttar Pradesh Firebrand CM who is known for his Steaming “Straight forward” talks did it again and attacked the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb for his atrocities on Hindus. Leading to a blatant attack the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath targeted Mughal emperor Aurangzeb for his unjust policies and claimed that the Mughal emperor “forced Kashmiri Pandits to change their religion.”!!

While addressing the gathering of Banjaras in Lucknow, Adityanath said: “When Aurangzeb began torturing Kashmiri Pandits, to free themselves, a group of Kashmiri Pandits met Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi and told him about their sufferings and how they were being forcibly converted.” Guru Tegh Bahadur was the ninth of ten Gurus of the Sikh religion.

Guru Tegh Bahadur asked Kashmiri Pandits not to be afraid of Aurangzeb, said the CM. “Guru Tegh Bahadur asked them to tell him (Aurangzeb) that they would accept his religion only if their Guru accepts it,” he said. “Aurangzeb thought it was an easy task and got Tegh Bahadur arrested and tortured him, but he did not budge,” he said.

The CM had earlier said that 15th-century Rajput king of Mewar Maharana Pratap was greater than Akbar. These comments came from the CM when he was talking at an RSS gathering to mark the Mewar king’s birth celebrations, the CM praised Maharana Pratap’s for his bravery and persistence in winning back his forts after fighting for years in the Aravalli hills.

The CM labelled Akbar as a foreigner and said that the Mewar king never accepted Akbar as the king as he was a ‘Turk who could not be trusted’. “Akbar told Maharana Pratap to accept him as ‘badshah’ (king) and that he will not interfere in his kingdom Mewar. But Maharana Pratap said: I cannot accept Akbar as the king… he is a Turk and he will remain so… he will hurt our self-respect in the garb of friendship… we can’t accept a ‘vidharmi’ and a foreigner as our ruler,” Adityanath said.

Hindus mock at the Uttar Pradesh CM for talking and revealing facts from the past but always remember history repeats itself. The Jews never forget Hitler and his crimes, he is remembered even today. Every culture and Religion has its own past and some dictators and their cruelty should never be forgotten.

Yes, he forced and converted them, because the Hindu Rulers were forced to surrender before him. These converted Pandits were once forced to follow Islam without any option left. They are surviving under Islam today because we the Hindus could not save them at that time and the whole of India was suffering under Mughals.

Source: Timesnow news



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