Mulayam Singh concedes defeat, openly admits to a saffron surge in Uttar Pradesh!

 While addressing a rally in Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav made some fascinating comments in favour of the BJP. This comes at a time when the state is already into polls with the first phase of voting for 73 seats completed.

Following were the points that Mulayam Singh Yadav made –

  • It’s true there’s support for the BJP, & the party can come to power. We wanted change to come in the state.
  • We follow the same ideology as the Jan Sangh & as the BJP. When it comes to patriotism, our borders, & language, the SP & the BJP are on the same page.
  • He even went on to speak against the Congress party saying that it was Congress that was responsible for inflation & for corruption, not the BJP.

There has been immense drama in the Yadav family leading up to the UP polls, & it was all seen as a façade to improve the image of Akhilesh as a leader. But these latest statements by Mulayam are truly baffling.

The state went into polls with the SP & Congress fighting together. Drama before the polls is one thing, but why would Mulayam give pro-BJP statements during the polls? There is no way this can help the chances of the SP-Congress alliance.

The phase one voting is said to have gone massively in favour of the BJP. It is being estimated that out of the 73 seats that went to polls, BJP might win 45+ which is effectively a sweep. One should also remember the fact that the other two players are strong local players, & so this performance by the BJP is even more impressive. The Muslim vote is a bit divided, while Jats& other OBC’s have rallied behind the BJP. It is being said that even if the Muslims consolidated their votes, they still wouldn’t have been able to counter the Hindu-vote surge in favour of the BJP.

Mulayam Singh is a very seasoned campaigner, & he definitely knows the situation is so. Could these statements be an attempt of his to personally come closer to the BJP? The feud between Mulayam &Akhilesh could actually be false, but maybe Mulayam’s opposition to Akhileshaligning himself with the Congress is genuine. Mulayam has gone to openly criticize & oppose this alliance, & I don’t see any way by which this could benefit the already decrepit alliance.

Vinayak Jain

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