“Mumbai Muslim gangster threatens Sonu Nigam while Bollywood Khans prefer to pee in their pants.”

Pakistan born Canadian author Tarek Fatah has hit out at the Khans of Bollywood in a recent tweet. The author who gained recognition in India after his show ‘Fatah ka Fatwa’ exposed the dual standards of Islamic fanatics, said that Bollywood should have come out in support of Nigam. Aamir Khan & Shahrukh had complained about intolerance, but when a singer from the industry was being threatened by a gangster, they went into hiding.

Fatah’s tweet came after Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew Amin Dawood Parker threatened Nigam in a recent video message. The Gangster was seen abusing the singer & threatened him to ‘mend his ways.’ The fact of the matter is that the Khans don’t have the courage to support Nigam.

Salman Khan who chose to stay away from the intolerance debate, had tweeted in support of Yakub Memon. Khan wanted Yakub to survive. They have the courage to defend terrorists, make movies on them, but when a colleague from the industry is targeted they don’t find their voice.

There can’t be different rules for different people. Shah Rukh had once said that Sonu Nigam was his favourite singer. Sonam Kapoor should write a column now. Just before a movie release these ‘Khans’ go all out for their movie promotions. From penning a song for the soldiers to making corny speeches, they use everything to their benefit.

There’s no need to boycott them. There’s an urgency to understand their intention.

Alok Shetty