‘Muslim baba’ raped a women and her teenage daughter! Your blood will boil if you know what happened next

India is a land of trend creators!!!

Once, Arvind Kejriwal said he will eliminate corruption from India, later Rahul Gandhi said that he will provide development. But very soon Indians came to know that these both were ‘just kidding’.

Religious gurus’ are the ones who respect women to the core. But nowadays you may hear that “swami raped a woman, swami harassed a woman”. Now, let us try to know its reality and to prove this, we need you know go through a report published by a newspaper.

Read the report below!!!

Surat: A woman and her 14-year old daughter were raped for one year by a baba in Athwa area of the city. This baba told the woman that he can cure her husband of his illness is she and her daughter had a physical relationship with him.

Akmal alias Akmalbaba A Raza, a resident of Nampura, was booked by police under IPC sections 376 (1) (2) (T) (A) and 506 (2) as well as under sections 4 and 6 of Protections of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POSCO). The accused was arrested from his residence on Friday evening.

The woman’s husband was suffering from some illness and they approached the baba who said he can make him perfectly healthy with his tantra and mantra. The baba used to take the woman and her daughter to the underground room of her husband’s shop and rape them there. However, when the ordeal never seemed to end, the woman decided to approach the police.

So, it is clear that the rapist is a ‘Muslim baba’ but do you know what was the headline given by the newspaper?

“Swami booked for rape of woman, daughter”


Aren’t you shocked looking at the title? Isn’t this a tactic to deviate the public? Isn’t this a way of projecting Hindu gurus in a bad light?

Have a look at the below tweet!!!

The rapist here is a Muslim baba but the headline has mentioned as ‘baba’ so that it will again misguide its readers. Not just that word but look at the cartoon image used by the newspaper; it is of a Hindu sage. ‘No matter who commits the crime, Hindus must be punished’ this is the agenda of these pseudo newspapers.

Have a look at the above article published in ‘Times of India’ titled ‘Gurgoan tantric, father of 10, held for teen’s rape’.

The feature image projects that the rapist is a Hindu baba but when you read the article, you will realise that all the accused men are not of Hindu community.

Hansika Raj