Why did a Muslim man claim that Sanjay Gandhi was his son? Why didn’t Indira Gandhi say anything?

It is almost no longer a surprise when dramatic revelations are made regarding the ‘Gandhi’ family in India. Oh wait, should we call it the legitimate ‘Khan’ family that was too ashamed to embrace its identity, and hence took up the name Gandhi? Here is proof that it did.

Indira Priyadarshini had a lonely childhood, owing to her father’s unending political affairs and her mother’s chronic illness. She was even driven out of two educational institutes, and had no company growing up. Except for a supplier of wine for the Motilal Nehru household in Allahabad, Feroze Khan, the son of a grocer, who sympathized with her. It took little time for the two to fall in love and even get married, which happen in a mosque in London. Indira Priyadarshini changed her religion to Islam and named herself Maimuna Begum. However, this was not well received by her parents, especially Jawaharlal Nehru who foresaw the threat to her political career posed by this marriage.

As a compromise, Feroze Khan was asked to change his name to ‘Gandhi’ by Nehru, which was nothing but a paper-signed agreement. Both Feroze Khan and Indira Priyadarshini remained loyal to their religious identity, except changing their surnames to Gandhi. A mock wedding ceremony of the two according to Hindu customs was also staged to make a fool of the Indian public. Owing to this mere affidavit of name-changing, the entire dynasty obtained the surname ‘Gandhi’ which is being made use of to tap the emotions of the Indian public till date.

The couple had two sons namely Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Here begins the life of lies of this man named Sanjay Gandhi, who was born on a foundation of lies in the first place. Well, his simple name isn’t as simple as it sounds either. Firstly, Sanjay Gandhi was actually Sanjiv Gandhi, as named by his parents. But an eviction in UK in relation to a robbery forced Indira Gandhi to use her ‘connections’ in UK, the then Indian Ambassador Krishna Memon and get her son a new passport, with the name Sanjay Gandhi. Thus the new name had to linger on.

However, the more important fact about Sanjay Gandhi, as openly stated in the book ‘The Nehru Dynasty’ (ISBN 10:8186092005) by K N Rao, is that this man wasn’t the son of Feroze Khan after all. He was in fact the son of another Islamic connection of Indira Gandhi, named Mohammad Yunus. This Mohammad Yunus was the man to openly cry his heart out when Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash. He had in fact, admitted in his book ‘Persons, Passions and Politics’ (ISBN 10:0706910176) that his son, Sanjay Gandhi was actually raised in terms of Islamic principles, and even circumcised accordingly.

Plane crash, yes. How could that be as simple as it looks? Apparently Indira Gandhi made the mistake of revealing to her son about his real father, which turned out to be a major threat to her. It is said that Sanjay Gandhi often blackmailed Indira Gandhi regarding this little (or not really a) secret of hers, until he died in a plane crash.

His plane had apparently dived to crash, yet did not explode. The reason for the crash was stated to be fuel inadequacy, which was outright denied by the flight register that showed that the plane was refuelled right before take- off. More strange was Sanjay Gandhi’s mother’s reaction when the news of her son’s death reached her – she asked, ‘Where are his keys and watch?’

Indeed, that’s what a mother will be worried about when she knows her son just passed away. She probably would have reacted differently if Sanjay never blackmailed about her little secret, or if the country did not assume him to be a worthy successor for her against Rajiv Gandhi.

Not a Gandhi in the first place, not named Sanjay, not a son of who he was claimed to be, and did not die the way world believed. Sanjay Gandhi’s entire life was an unfortunate lie. Should we feel pity for the man, or enraged about the dynasty that has been fooling us blind, we do not know. But there are more revelations about the Gandhi family made by an article in ‘the truth about rahul’ and more books. This is just the beginning of a series referred from the sources.

Source: https://thetruthaboutrahulgandhi.wordpress.com/tag/sanjay-gandhi/

Trisha Jay