Muslim man gets converted to Hinduism to marry the girl he loved; A true love story

Till now we had seen that innocent Hindu girls in the name of love Jihad were systematically trapped in the web of love and then converted to Islam. But today we can see a welcome development. Here the bride is a Hindu and the groom is of Muslim community. The marriage took place without any clash, without any force exerted by any community.

This was a love story which began four years ago. A love which was behind the barrier of religion. The ultimate goal of these two was to leave peacefully. And when this desire gets firm, religion is not a matter of concern.

The guy who loved Yashodha Honnegowda was a Muslim. But he didn’t feel it essential to convert her to Islam. Instead he got converted to Hinduism and renamed him as Rahul Arya. His earlier name was Hasan Rahim Khan. Arya was 24 years old and Yashodha was 19 year old girl from Yellapur, Uttara Karnataka district. Let me repeat that, it was his wish to get converted.

Rahuls’s conversion procedures were done legally before marriage. Arya said that he was a construction worker and their love didn’t face any obstructions from either of the families.

The bride’s family witnessed the marriage and blessed the couple wholeheartedly. Arya said that he didn’t face any pressure or threats for the marriage. He even said that his conversion to Hinduism also wasn’t opposed by any.

Is this the begging of a communal harmony? Till now girls were abducted, converted and forced to get married. But here Arya shows how it is to be done.

Source: Readindiaright.com

Vikrant Raj