Why this Muslim Man Who Was Once a Hard Core Modi Hater Today Has Become His Biggest Admirer?

This man’s name is Tasleem Ibrahim, until yesterday he was not known to anyone. He was completely new to twitter with ZERO followers. But suddenly this man became news since today morning when he put out few tweets.

He put his first tweet for which he received more than thousand likes and shares. The tweet went viral on all social media platforms.

Here is what is said


He blast Kejriwal, who is fooling the country in the name of vote bank politics.

Tasleem Ibrahim said that Narendra Modi is really working for the welfare of the country and real Muslims know this is what is required for the country. He has also said that people only created panic spreading false news that Modi is against Muslims.



This man showed a mirror to all those shameless politicians who are mocking the demonetization move and saying that it’s protecting the corrupt.Ibrahim is no big economists, no charted accountant or a banker, but he has understood a simple logic that its the RICH and CORRUPT who is hit by this move and not poor people.

Some so called intelligent people were saying that since no rich man stood in the queue, they are not affected. These people do not even understand the simple logic that Demonetization is successful because the corrupt politicians are NEITHER able to DECLARE their money, NOR can they DEPOSIT in bank!

Remember that no corrupt will ever come out in open and stand in the queue! Do You expect him to say “Sorry I looted thousands of Crores and now I want to Declare??”

They will either try to save some and throw the rest in GUTTER, as many are doing already!

Any logical person will understand that every corrupt is HIT massively by this move and the rush and chaos at the banks are temporary.

Aishwarya S


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