This Muslim man was the Vice-President of a Hindu majority nation for 10 years; But today he says Muslims are insecure in India

No religion is above the nation and this is carved in the heart of every Indian. But today Mr Hamid Ansari, the outgoing Vice-president has given a controversial statement that is far from reality. This kind of statement was never expected from a person who headed India as a vice-president for 10 years.

Are Muslims Ill-treated in India?

Ask a Muslim who travelled several nations that, which is the best place for the Muslims? INDIA is the answer that you will get. Yes, India is a nation which had welcomed and safeguarded each and every religion of the world. But today a secretive plan is slowly getting executed and that is to portray “India is not safe to the minorities of India”.

The worst part is that when the most dignified persons of India join this campaign of tarnishing Indian and the Hindus. The outgoing vice-president of India, Mr Hamid Ansari said that there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among the Muslims in the country.

Stating that he had flagged the issue of “intolerance” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues, Mr Ansari, 80, also described the questioning of citizens over their love for India as a “disturbing thought”.

It was shocking to hear this statement from a person like Mr Ansari because he is giving a wrong message to the entire world.

Wasn’t Mr Hamid “insecure” when Hindus in West Bengal and Kerala butchered?

Why he was silent when Hindus were butchered one after the other in Kerala and West Bengal?
Why wasn’t he insecure when Rajesh from Kerala was stabled nearly 40 times from CPI (M) goons? Why is he so biased in his opinion?

He said “Muslims Muslims Muslims” instead of “India India India”

A Muslim was India’s vice-president for 10 years but still he searched for an opportunity to blame India. Even Muslims wouldn’t have liked such kind of statement. Actually he should have spoken about how to increase the bonds between religions. But he opted to create a rift among religions.

PM Modi replied him perfectly today

PM Modi gave out sharp message though indirectly to Mr Ansari today.

The statement of Mr Hamid Ansari was widely condemned by several Indians on Twitter and gave a befitting reply to those who wanted to tarnish Indians. The below mentioned tweets prove that India haven’t given any opportunity to the Muslims to feel insecure. India being built with the principles of Lord Ram will always be a heaven to all religions.

Nishika Ram