Muslim student wants “RSS shakha” in Aligarh Muslim University!!! Writes to VC requesting to grant permission

While on one hand, Muslim extremists insulting and trying to defame RSS and BJP led Government and its beliefs, here’s a gesture by a Muslim RSS worker to build the bridge of bond and end the rapidly spreading hatred in the nation. This RSS worker though belongs to the Muslim Community, respects the importance of RSS and its positivity towards the nation.

RSS worker Mohammed Amir Rashid wrote to Aligarh Muslim University VC seeking to conduct ‘Shakhas’ in the campus, saying, ‘Wrong perception is being created that RSS is anti-Muslim, they are actually a nationalist organisation. If ‘Shakhas’ are held students will know what RSS is about.”

Well this positive move by Amir has recieved a good amount of negativity by the AMU students, who widely opposed the move by him. They openly showcased their anger and claimed they would not let this happen.

According to Time of India reports, “Misconceptions about the RSS among AMU students will dissipate once ‘shakhas’ start in the campus,” the letter said. However, Aligarh Muslim University Students Union president opposed the move. Students Union president Mashkoor Ahmad Usmani said,

“It is an educational institute, not a political hub. We will oppose this move. RSS’s ideology is to divide the nation and they will not be allowed to enter the campus. If required, students will fight for it.”

RSS worker Md.Amir Rashid writes to Aligarh Muslim University VC seeking to conduct ‘Shakhas’ in the campus, says, ‘Wrong perception is being created that RSS is anti-Muslim, they’re actually a nationalist organisation. If ‘Shakhas’ are held students will know what RSS is about.’

He further said that based on incorrect information, students form negative image about the organisation and its work. “There is a dire need for students to know the truth about the RSS. Many students are giving baseless statements against the organisation and spreading misinformation,” he added. He said having shakhas would help eliminate wrong opinions.

However, many believe that any such move could spark major backlash on the university campus. In February, an invitation to President Ramnath Kovind for the 65th annual convocation ceremony of AMU had ruffled some feathers amongst the students’ union, which had warned against the attendance of any member of the RSS at the event.

RSS shakhas active on another prominent education of Uttar Pradesh – Banares Hindu University (BHU). BHU’s VC GC Tripathi justified functioning of RSS Sgakh’s on the campus. In an exclusive interview to TOI, he said, ” RSS ‘Shakas’ have operated on BHU campus since Pt Malviya’s time. If these were wrong, why were they not stopped by earlier so-called Congress vice chancellors?

So, why am I expected to? There used to be an office of RSS on the BHU campus built during Malviyaji’s time, but demolished during Emergency. I did not rebuild it. At Shakhas, people come to exercise, not for political activities. Someone wanted a debate on Godse versus Gandhi on campus and I didn’t allow.”

Muslim RSS worker wants ‘ RSS Shakha’ in AMU, gets death threats from Dubai. Well, don’t know about RSS but AMU definitely need a De-Radicalization Programme of ATS because: 1) AMU scholar joined Hizbul Terror group. 2) Two terror suspects are students of AMU in Train blast 2017.

The sad part about positive people in the society is that, they as well as their thoughts are not welcomed with open arms. It is always the hatred that propagates and gains importance by the secular brigade and advertised by them (Not to forget). If Amir Rashid succeeds in his mission of setting up a “RSS shakha”-  not just him, it would definitely be a victory for the nation.



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