Muslim wing of RSS will break Ramzan fast with cow milk!

The Muslim Wing of RSS, the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), will this Ramzan break traditions and set a wonderful example of gauraksha. It will organize cow milk parties across 25 states. The outfit was formed by former RSS Chief K Sudarshan in 2002. The current convenor of the outfit is Mohammad Afzal.

Iftar is a meal with which Muslims break their fast in the month of Ramzan. These milk parties have already started in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Chhattisgarh, and will kick off in West Bengal next week. More than 100 such parties will be organised in Uttar Pradesh, the most in any state.

Mohammad Afzal said, “Cow milk is healthier than beef. That is why we will serve cow milk for breaking the fast during Iftar. We’re going to organise several hundred Iftar parties during the month of Ramadan across 25 states and cow milk will be served in each of them.”

These milk parties are primarily being organised in BJP-ruled states, but they will be seen happening widely in Bihar and West Bengal as well. In West Bengal, they will be held in the Muslim-majority districts of Murshidabad and Malda, apart from Burdwan, Asansol and Kolkata.

“In Bihar, cow milk parties during Iftar have started. Such parties were held in the districts of Vaishali and Araria on Tuesday, while on Wednesday, such a party was organised at the High Court mazar in Patna,” said Tufail Khan Quadri, joint secretary of MRM in Bihar.

“Cow milk parties during Iftar will start in West Bengal after the 10th day of Ramzan. We will not be able to organise such events in each of the state’s districts this year but hope to raise awareness against beef consumption and for the protection of cows,” said IzharulHaque, West Bengal in-charge of MRM.

This is a very commendable step by the MRM to bring about a reduction in the slaughtering of cows. Cows have life too, just like human beings, but they get slaughtered just because some people want to fill their stomachs.

The hypocrisy in the media, film industry, and the intellectual circles is shocking. They don’t condemn the slaughter of cows because they eat beef. As it fills their stomachs, they don’t see the pain that cows go through when they’re butchered. But they express sympathy with dogs being killed in China because they don’t eat dog meat, and that doesn’t have any effect on their diet. They speak up against crackers on Diwali as they render fear in the hearts of dogs, but being served a variety of animals on plates in a posh restaurant is no cruelty on animals!

Vinayak Jain