Muslims make up highest criminal records in the country reveals NCRB data, but media blames Hindus for lynching?!

India is a hub of innovation and now creativity is in its peek. Many talents are emerging every day. Am not talking of the CEOs of top notch companies but the creative minds behind the communal violence. There is a silent plan going on to tag Hindus as murderers. Recent event titled “Not in my name” is an example of it.

 But let us go by the stats and decide who are criminals. The biased activists don’t have the right to label anyone as murderers. Now look at the below mentioned stats. This clearly shows who are disturbing the peace in the society.

The population of Muslims in India is 14.2% but 15.8% Muslims accounts to the criminals in the jail. Apart from this 20.9% Muslims are under trials. According to the latest data on prisons by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2015, in states such as Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, the percentage of Muslims in the incarcerated population was almost thrice the percentage of Muslims in the overall population.

 Muslim under trails criminals in Maharashtra are 30% but their population is 11.5%. The gap widened in 2015 from what it had been a year earlier — in 2014, Muslim undertrials made up 26% of all undertrials in Maharashtra.
 But the stats of West Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan will shock you because the undetrdails are double than their share in population. 2011 census says that 27% Muslims are in West Bengal but undetrdails are 47%. Slowly Muslims are rising in population as Bangladeshis illegal come into the state.

In Maharashtra again, this gap is the widest. Muslim convicts make up to 20% of the convict population in Maharashtra’s jails. In all states, the share of Muslims among convicts is higher than their share of population. Tamil Nadu, were Muslims make up 17% of convicts, and Rajasthan, with 18% of such convicts. These two states have 16% Muslim undertrials each.

 In Maharashtra 20% Muslims are convicted , in Tamil Nadu 17%, Rajasthan 18%. So Muslim convicts are more than their percentage population in jail.In Uttar Pradesh, 19% convicts are Muslims but 27% Muslims account in undertrails.

In north India, Bihar fares well, the data show that the population of Muslims is 17% but he state had 18% jail inmates from the Muslim community.

 In Kerala Muslim population is  27%, but 26% undertrials come from that community. In the undivided Andhra Pradesh 17% undertrials are Muslims but 15% of convicts are Muslims.

In Delhi Muslims are 13% but they account 22% of undertrials in jail and 19% of convicts. In MP, with a share of 7% in population, Muslims made up 13% of undertrials and 10% of convicts.

So this is the reality but the journalists both from India and international, target only Hindus. BBC has been busy targeting only Hindus. BBC can see the lynching of Aklaq and Pehlu Khan but not several Hindus.

 BBC is trying to project Hindus and Hinduism as intolerant. This is a bigger conspiracy and several people have already fallen pray for this.

BBC also projected that under Modi rule, Hindu outfits are given free hand to attack and kill Muslims. But why don’t BBC say that any personal rift between Hindus and Muslims is given communal colours?

 Until when Hindus will roam holding the communal board on their neck; when truth is that Hindus are the victims of intolerance and communal attacks.


Rajat Bhandary